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Most companies will have one, but all of these companies will use them for a different application.

  • Sales Tool

Some companies use the brochure as sales tool; either to help the client in their buying journey, or for the sales person to use as a pivot in helping with the sale.

  • Technical Brochure

Some companies do need one for technical applications.  This could be an engineering company, an architectural practice, or a car dealership looking to give specifications on a new car they are promoting.

  • Company Information

Companies that are client facing, normally have one that gives an overview of the business.  A hard copy snap shot of the organisation, the structure, the subsidiary offices, the company history, directors, shareholders etc.

  • Product Display

Some companies that have a number of different products (like a double glazing company) would need a product brochure showcasing their few but very different products on offer.

  • Directory

Some companies that do have a lot of products that they need to showcase and give basic information about.  Argos for example would use this style in showcasing their thousands of products.

Getting The Design Right

Choosing the right brochure design is important for the application of the brochure you need.  If you have a sales brochure then it does need to be designed with the purpose of selling, if it is technical, then the design needs to be based around giving information.

In the same way of having the right tool for the right job, the appropriate design needs to be used with the  application.

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