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Ideas For Food Packaging

Food packaging is very important for the sales of a food product.

If it is badly presented, then the chances are it will not sell.

There are a few basic guidelines to ensuring that you are choosing the right one for your product.


Consider what sort of shape your product is.  All food items are different shapes and would demand different presentations:

  • Chocolate Bar
  • Cereal
  • Nuts
  • Meat
  • Yogurt
  • Pizza

However, there are many products that have been put into very distinctive packages (Toblerone for example) and as a result this has boosted the popularity and sales of the product.

Consider talking to a packaging designer about some creative packaging design ideas on how to produce a unique and distinctive way to present it.


With food products there are limitations as to the kind of materials that can be used for reasons of health & safety along with keeping products airtight.  However unique ideas have been created using materials such as plastic, glass, card, metal and fabric.  Sometimes being creative with the kind of material that is used can ensure that it stands out in the crowded market.

Many companies are looking towards recycled packaging options both for environmental reasons, but also it is good PR.


Consider yourself in a supermarket and as you scan the shelf – you are confronted with a myriad of colours of similar products.  Choosing the right colour again with ensure that your product stands out and is more likely to be chosen over all the other products on offer.


Weight is something that can be played with a little.  The heavier a product is – the more value it tends to be given (physiologically).  This is why bottles have weighty bases – so people think they get more for their money.  Creating a package that is lightweight can be unique and make the product more attractive; but creating a heavy package will create the illusion of value to the consumer.

Compare Agencies

There are lots of agencies around the UK to choose from; so it is well worth talking to different designers to get a better feel of options.  All will have their own views on this, so it is a wise option to talk to one that has had experience in designing this historically – as they will have a track record.