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Need an advertising agency for your charity?

There are hundreds of advertising agencies around the UK ranging from small agencies to agencies that deal with global brands. To make finding the right one easier, we can provide you with five free quotes from trusted advertising agencies. All you need to do is fill out the form to the right and let us do the leg work.

If you’re looking for more information on advertising agencies for charities, read our helpful information below.


Why would my charity need an advertising agency?

Despite the recession, many charities are able to receive regular donations from existing and new supporters which is often due to the help of a good advertising agency. The right agency can help you gain exposure, build brand awareness, drive the public’s sentiments towards your charity and strengthen your case for public support.

Some charities only need an advertising agency during certain campaigns or certain times of the year. For example, one of the most popular times for charities to advertise is during the Christmas period as people are in a more charitable state of mind.


Are there other charities that use advertising agencies?

Many well-known charities have active advertising campaigns and do appear fairly regularly in the mainstream media. These charities use a variety of advertising strategies to generate exposure. TV advertising and paid internet advertising are extremely popular for most charities.


What forms of advertising are available to charities?

There are various forms of advertising available to charities including:

TV advertising: While this requires a larger budget than other forms of advertising, having an ad on TV can give you the chance to convey your charity’s message in the most powerful way. With increased exposure and an engaged audience, you’re likely to see a surge in your supporters and donations.

Radio advertising: Radio advertising for charities can be highly effective and is often a lot more affordable than many other forms of advertising.  Another benefit with radio advertising is that it can be regionalised to target specific areas of the UK. However, you do need to consider whether the radio station has a substantial number of listeners and whether its listeners are of the right demographic.

Visual advertising: Charities need to have impactful and thought provoking adverts along with a marketing angle as many people have become accustomed to signs of poverty and are less likely to act without a clear call to action. Visual adverts, banner adverts, billboard adverts, scrolling media are all used by charities as they can be seen by millions of people each day.

Magazine advertising: Magazines can be a great tool for raising awareness of the charities cause.  Many charities use magazine advertising to market themselves and most magazines offer a discount for charitable causes.


Why should I compare advertising agency quotes?

Advertising for charities can be expensive and it’s important to know that you’re getting value for the money you’re investing. The cheapest advertising company is not necessarily the best, but paying the most expensive advertising agency isn’t always going to get you the best results either. It’s about finding an agency that suits your budget and having them pitch to you with a detailed proposal of how they can help.

By comparing five free quotes, you can find an agency within your price range and one that can work with you towards your objectives.

For free advice and quotes from advertising agencies that have experience in working for charities and NPO’s, just fill in the form to the right.


5 things to ask an advertising agency:

  1. What types of advertising do you offer? Do you consider yourself a specialist in all areas of advertising?
  2. What other charities do you have as clients? What recent form of advertising has been particularly successful for them?
  3. How do you measure the success of an advertising campaign and what improvement goals do you target?
  4. How do you differ from other advertising agencies out there?
  5. Do you have any client testimonials I can have a look at?