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All UK marketing companies are different; different sizes, different industry experience and all with varying marketing skills.

All marketing companies are privately owned and have their profit margins to add to the marketing costs in order to cover their growth, their staff costs, holidays, cars, school fees etc.

For this reason, shopping around and comparing marketing prices is very wise in order to ensure you both find the best marketing agency that knows your industry, and find the one that is offering the best price for the work.

The UK business world is currently looking at ways of reducing costs, by cutting overheads, shutting factories/shops, shedding staff etc. By shopping around and comparing marketing prices, UK businesses should be able to both improve their marketing, at the same time as reducing their marketing spend.

Currently the UK spends billions on web marketing, billions of TV advertising, and tens of millions of telemarketing. This could be reduced by shopping around and comparing quotes.

Certainly government run departments such as NHS, Army, Air Force, Inland Revenue etc. use a lot of marketing (at events, brochures, websites, promotional gifts etc.) and could save millions just by looking around at alternatives.

Any business can save money (and maybe improve their marketing) just by looking around and comparing.

Quick tips:

Use a local marketing agency Use a marketing agency that knows your industry Have a meeting and review meetings regularly Shop around and get quotes

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