Compare Telesales Prices

Telesales Prices

Compare Telesales Prices?

It is necessary to compare telesales prices as all agencies set their own fees.  Rather than spending time on google contacting agencies one by one, let us help.  If you are interested in getting prices for telesales, then just fill in the form opposite to get free quotes and advice from telesales companies that know your industry.

How Much Does Telesales Cost?

It is wise to compare telesales prices as they do vary.  The cost of telesales does depend on a few different factors:

  • How much telesales is needed (1 person a day, 10 per day etc.)
  • What level of experience is needed
  • Which telesales company is used

Most telesales companies charge of a day rate, and this can vary depending on the telesales agency.  Some telesales agencies are startup companies, and have very little experience, some are well established and have lots of experience.  All telesales companies are privately owned and therefore have their own profit margins (to pay for more staff, houses, cars, holiday’s etc.)

Are All Telesales Companies The Same?

There are over 300 telesales companies in the UK (telesales being different to telemarketing) and they are all different.  Some are brand new companies, set up by ex employees of telesales companies that have decided to go it alone; others are well established with lots of experience.

Choosing The Right Telesales Company

Telesales has no guarantees, just because an agency is experienced does not mean they will produce results.  Shopping around and finding a telesales company with a track record of telesales in your industry is wise.  Asking for some kind of guarantee or minimum performance level is also wise.

Get A Quote And Compare Telesales Prices

If you want to know more about telesales prices, just fill in the form to get quotes today.

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