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How much does a website cost – this is something that gets asked over and over again.

The old saying ‘how long is a piece of string’ springs to mind, as websites can vary from being free of charge, to costing well over £1,000,000.
So it comes down to a few factors:

What sort of website do you want How many pages do you want What sort of features do you want (movies, blog, photos etc.) Do you need on-going maintenance or SEO (or just the design) What sort of web designer you choose
These are the elements that would determine the cost of a website.

Just breaking some of these down a little, should give you an idea as to the costs of website design:

  1. There are 3 types of website: template sites, CMS sites, e-commerce sites
    The three sorts of sites would be suited to different purposes. If you want a basic website designed, then a template site would be most appropriate – as they are free/cheap and quick to set up. Ideal for a small/startup company with limited funds; or a company that just wants a presence on the internet. If you are a medium sized company then a CMS sites would be more suited (standing for Custom Managed Site) as you can update it yourself (without going back to a designer). Even if you are a large company, a CMS site would still be suited to what you need. If you are taking payments on-line or are a shop – then an e commerce website would be the ticket.
  2. Generally the more pages there are in a site, the more the site will cost (as there will be more work involved in getting them set up etc.
  3. Generally, if you have lots of pictures on your website, movie files, a blog, down loadable files or PDF’s then this also pushes the cost up.
  4. If you just want a website designed and that is it -then it will be a one off cost to the design agency. If you need someone to maintain your website (which most sites do need) or SEO work (search engine optimisation) then this will also push the cost up. SEO is an on-going process so this would need to be considered carefully.
  5. All website designers are different, different sizes, different levels of experience, and differently priced. There is no standard rate that design agencies charge – they set their own rates (which could be per project, per day etc.

This all considered, the cost of a website will vary so it is advised to compare website design prices to get the best designer at the best price.

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