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Welcome to Ketchup Marketing.  Before we start, There’s something you should know about us. We live by results. Your results. So our entire marketing process – from strategic planning to final execution – is focused on achieving your commercial ambitions.  What would your ideal in-house marketing department consist of? Astute strategists. Energetic managers. Designers and copywriters with wide-ranging experience in everything from branding and launching new products to websites and all things digital. Well, that is exactly what you get with Ketchup. Except.

Except, with an in-house department, you can’t suddenly employ more staff for one-off projects. A radio campaign, for example. But with Ketchup as your complete outsourced marketing department, you can. Beyond our core team we have a huge network of experts in diverse disciplines.  That designing a new brand – or growing an existing one – is like riding a camel across a desert. Success depends on two factors: a clear idea of direction to be taken, i.e. where do you want your brand to go and the skill to steer the brute, or: how are we going to get it there?  In the UK today, more than four out of every five online searches is carried out using Google, which is why it’s vital your business appears high in their results. It’s estimated that as many as one third of all clicks go to position one, half go to the top three positions and at least 75% of all clicks go to first page results.


You need a marketing strategy for your company to get the best return on its marketing budget. We’re a marketing consultancy covering Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and the wider east midlands and our job is to help you allocate your resources to the media channels which win your brand more customers, loyalty and recognition.

Standard Pricing
  • Per Hour : £65.00
  • Day Rate : £285.00
Business Hours
  • Monday : 9-5.30
  • Tuesday : 9-5.30
  • Wednesday : 9-5.30
  • Thursay : 9-5.30
  • Friday : 9-5.30
  • Saturday : Closed
  • Sunday : Closed
  • size : 15 Members
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