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Website Designers in Northampton

When considering website designers for a new website (or website re-design) there are over 50 website designers in Northampton to choose from.

The problem is, the time it takes to contact them all to find the ‘right one’ for your business.

Northampton University has helped in the growth of the town from a modest 100,000 in 1960 to over 200,000 today, and businesses are growing in the area as a result.  There are over 50 website designers around Northampton ranging from start-up agencies run by designers who have just left college, up to larger marketing communications companies that service some of the biggest firms in the UK.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from website designers in Northampton, with no obligation.

Working With a Local Agency

Northampton enjoys a central location such that businesses in the area have a choice between working with someone that is based locally, or a designer that is a little further afield towards Birmingham or Nottingham.  If possible, it is always advisable to work with an agency that is local to where you work, due to the ease of being able to schedule meetings.  Having a closer working relationship will lead to you getting more value for money.  There is also the added advantage of accountability that comes with working with someone that is within a stones throw.

Another added advantage of working with one of the website designers in Nottingham is the chance to chat through their industry experience of your market.  Working with a designer that knows your industry.  Someone who knows who your key competitors are and has designed similar sites in the past will mean a finished product that is readily accepted in your niche.

Shop Around for Prices

All website designers in Northampton have their own fees.  Some are very affordable and some very expensive, depending on the size of the designer and their client base.  Agencies that have a portfolio of blue chip clients do tend to charge more.  As do designers who have high staff numbers due to their overhead costs.  The higher their costs, the more they will charge you (and you may not get what you pay for).

As the recession is still taking its toll on many businesses around the UK, it is always good to compare website design prices in order to get the best deal.

A Few Words about Northampton

Northampton dates back to the Bronze Age and historically has its roots in farming. It was a strong town in terms of finance thanks to many Jewish residents, until a fire destroyed it in 1516.  The university was first established in 1261 as an offshoot from Cambridge but was closed by Henry III.

It had a strong industry in the footwear and leather industry, boosted by the Napoleonic Wars and the need for soldiers to have good shoes and clothing. During the 1900’s business grew thanks to the trade brought in by the canals and railway.  However the city saw this industry decline as overseas manufacture crept in.  The population stayed around 100,000 until around 1960, when it doubled due to the growth of the motorway network and 1960’s cheap housing.

The industry has switched from shoe making and leather products to the modern mix of finance and manufacturing.  Many key companies base themselves in the area of Northampton due to its central location and distribution advantages.  For example, Avon Products, Carlsberg, Travis Perkins, Panasonic, Coca Cola and Schweppes.

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