Adrastichyperlink, established in London, 2017, the design company specialises in branding, marketing and design solutions. The company offers strategy sessions, complete with research, analysis and planning for all work produced.The company's design services include but not limited to:- Animation ( 2d/3d, adverts, user interface, motion graphics, explainer videos, social media content) - Branding (brand identity, brand development, corporate branding, on/offline branding, product branding) - User experience and User interface design and development (app, web, desktop) - Web design (Responsive design, E-commerce, landing pages, Booking systems, crowdfunding, Portal/membership system, web interaction design) - Marketing (campaigns, event marketing, product marketing, promotional marketing, sales Marketing, competitions, seasonal campaigns, expansion marketing, content marketing) - Graphics(Logo design, print materials, editorial, flyers, menu, company guidelines, company merchandise) - Social media (video design, graphic design, strategy, management, page layout, content writing)Each solution is created according to the needs and requirements of the client.The company has a team with experienced designers that specialise in animation, web design, branding and User experience/interface. The company follows the latest design innovations and utilises the latest technology and software.The design company provides professional business design solutions to a wide variety of clients, ranging from start-ups to well-known businesses specialised in various fields of activity such as IT, sports, retail, industry, consultancy, health, medical and fitness, fashion, culture and arts.
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