We specialize in the food and beverage industry because we love the products, the stories and the experiences. The Food business gets us excited. We know the industry, and we strategize to create opportunities for our clients.We provide three core services that relate to a broader set of available services.Social Media We will manage your social presence to engage with your target audience on social platforms, to drive valuable traffic to your website to improve conversions and sales.Paid Campaigns We will communicate with your audiences with highly targeted ads along with re-marketing ads to see sales increase.E-commerce Optimization We understand customer behavior and improve interactions on your website or e-commerce platforms to increase conversions and sales.The Markinly team is comprised of seasoned B2C and D2C marketing experts. The team is passionate about their work and knowledgable of the food industry. We have built our team with people that have strong values, talent and drive because we always want to be giving more.
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