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Marketing Quotes is pleased to look at Links International and the case that they aim to achieve.  They were started up by Norman and Grace Barnes back in 1985 and are one of the few charities to not spend any money on advertising.  All money that is donated to the charity goes to the charitable cause, which is to support developing countries with healthcare and social needs.

Who Are Links International

Links International works with strategic partners in developing countries – both churches and local NGOs – to inspire, empower, train and resource people and their communities to break free from poverty and disease. We do this by training in community healthcare (CHC), micro-enterprise development (MED), education and leadership development. We also support partners as they set up income-generating projects and strategic alliances. Our methodology centres on coming alongside and serving, both in the developing world and also in the UK as we help individuals and churches fulfil their mission. The result is holistic and sustainable. The organisation is committed to changing lives and transforming communities. 

Status Of Links International

Links International is a Christian Charity that is UK based.  The goal is to help and support, through social action, healthcare and local development.  The organisation work closely with local Christian churches to provide bible teaching, business development, social change and leadership training.

The Power Of Prayer

The heart of the organisation is the prayer.  The organisation relies of volunteers, doctors, nurses, cooks, cleaners the list goes on.  Volunteers pay to join the projects, for 2 weeks, or for years.  More or less all volunteers are Christians from a mixture of denominations, all with one goal, to show God’s love for a struggling world.

Support Links International

Unlike many UK Charities, Links gives more financially percentage wise, as there are very few paid staff, and there are no marketing costs.  For this reason, they tick all of the boxes of what a charity is all about. Please do support them via a charitable donation.

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