Marketing Of Titanic

Marketing Of Titanic – The Legend

Marketing of Titanic is not necessary, as the 100th anniversary passes.  It was at 11.40pm on Sunday 14th April 1912 that the legend was born.  Not for being the largest moving object on the world to date, but the most famous of marine disasters. The problem was down to the slow turning of the ship, had it been quicker to turn, it would have avoided the iceberg destined to strike it.  However the ship was very large with a small rudder.

Marketing Of Titanic – Lost But Not Forgotten

Southampton was the city most effected by the tragedy of the sinking of Titanic.  As over 500 crew on the ship came from Southampton.  Cooks, stewards, cleaners, musicians etc.  Of the 650 staff, the loss was most felt in Southampton as most people in the city either knew someone who had died on the fateful maiden voyage. Over 1500 crew and passengers lost their lives in the disaster and a little known fact about the crew is that once they died, they were formally dismissed, nothing was paid to grieving widows of loved ones, White Star Liners washed their hands of them.

Marketing Of Titanic – The Band Keep Playing

There is the popular story of the band from the first class lounge staying at their posts and going down with the ship.  This was noted by many survivors so is more than just a myth, but a reality.  A very brave thing to do and possibly saving countless lives through reducing mass panic and keeping a sense of order in a time of tragedy.

Marketing Of Titanic – The Captain Goes Down With The Ship

Not much is know of how Captain Smith died in the sinking.  In the James Cameron film it is based on him being in the control room, however some eyewitnesses noted him in the water after the sinking.  This is an unanswered question, other than Captain Smith was one of the many that died on 14th April 1912.

Marketing Of Titanic – Why Were So Many Lost

The reason that so many people died in the Titanic disaster was because there were not enough life boats; the people in the lifeboats did not really believe it would sink until it started to slip beneath the waves.

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