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PR Agencies In Somerset

There are many marketing agencies dotted around the county numbering well over 50 PR agencies in Somerset and growing.  The majority of these PR firms are reasonably small, either freelancers or smaller consultancies.  There are a number of PR companies in Somerset that work in specific industry sectors.

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Choosing An Agency

Working with an agency that is local would be ideal in many ways as there is always more loyalty shown to local businesses.  Working with someone locally also gives the chance to have meetings with them on a regular basis, initially at least, in order for them to fact find and really get to know you. Later on in the campaign a meeting also gives a chance to review how things are going, and look at ways by which they can be improved.

Another consideration is whether or not they have got experience in your industry? Do they know how your market works, who your competitors are and how to position your campaign?  If the agency has experience of your market they will have established media contacts, meaning a speedier response rate and in turn, ROI.

Compare Prices

All PR agencies in Somerset are unique, individual businesses, with different experience and different prices.  Comparing PR prices is something that is essential in order to avoid overpaying for a campaign.  There are no set fees, all agencies are in business to make money, therefore the only way to find out the average cost is to compare.

A Quick Glance At Somerset

Somerset is known for its rural and agricultural industry, for its cider production, its rolling hills and leafy lanes.  In many ways the county has not changed a great deal in the last 1000 years, which makes it attractive to tourists; tourism is a major industry. There has been growth in technology industries and it also has a strong industry of building materials, mining and quarries.  The county has around a million people (from council stats) spread from the main cities such as Taunton and Wells through the country villages and towns.

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