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Once upon a time there was a woman called Sarah who lived in the beautiful foothills of the Malverns in Worcestershire.  Sarah loved her rural life and it stroked her hippie heart strings.  She drove a yellow pick up truck, kept hens and reared sheep and pigs and life was pretty good.  However it wasn’t all flouncing around in flowery skirts, Sarah had to earn a living.

In a quest to find her ‘calling’ (no pun intended), Sarah had started her career straight from school as an artist at Royal Worcester Porcelain.  After some time, she moved on to a travel agency and after a few years that wasn’t going anywhere so she re-trained as a social worker.  Sarah is very much a people person and this fitted her skill set but she still felt as if there was something missing.

Sarah has a generous heart and a happy nature but poor customer service is one thing that she cannot stand.  In fact, it was shoddy service over the phone that was the initial trigger for this business.

In April 2005 Sarah set about answering calls for local businesses who needed some extra help.  Things were still pretty rural, the equipment was basic and friends were drafted in to help as the call volumes increased and more clients came on board.  It wasn’t perfect but it was a start.

From this little beginning Sarah has grown, adapted and shaped the business that you are looking at today.  A lot of things have changed, the environment is more urban now and the technology is totally ‘wow’.  However this business is all about people and this fantastic group of team players apply themselves with a ‘can do’ spirit and a shared bond to deliver outstanding customer service.  You will seriously benefit from their refreshing approach and their ability and determination to get things right.

So more or less it is ‘happy ever after’ for the business that Sarah built, and there’s no ‘The End’ in sight just yet.


Is there anybody there?

We know ourselves that sometimes we make a call and it just rings and rings. Lost calls can mean lost business but it simply isn’t possible to get every single call every single time and that’s when it’s great to have a plan for overflow calls. Our friendly and experienced team are there to handle those calls for you and to make sure that you receive accurate messages that you can prioritise.

How are overflow calls managed?

Overflow calls are usually managed in three different ways:

  1. If you have an IVR or an automated way to answer calls then you can use one of the options to re-direct calls to your overflow team
  2. If callers are left waiting in a queue then they can press a button to be re-directed to your overflow team
  3. If all of your team are busy or after 6 rings the calls can be re-directed to your overflow team

It’s a fantastic service and the overflow team will cope with any fluctuating demands.  If people call in sick then you know you have the back up of the overflow team.

So much more than taking messages

Of course the overflow team can take messages but sometimes that can just add to the work load at your end.  The best way to utilise the overflow team is to ensure that the team can be effective.  It usually takes some training on a specific product or service but it’s well worth the time it takes as the whole function of the overflow team then adds value.  The team can also runs diaries and booking systems if that would be helpful to you.  It’s exactly as if you’re tapping into an extra team as and when the service is needed – the overflow team is an extension of your own team.

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