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Mercy Ships

Mercy ships is a medical focused charity to help developing countries and more importantly, the local communities.  They have successfully been operating for many years within 55 countries helping millions of people. The main different to many other UK charities is that all the money donated goes direct to the cause.  None is spend on marketing, wages, administration or ‘stuff’.  Volunteers pay to go on the ships, from over 40 countries most volunteers are Christian.

What Is Mercy Ships

The ships provides free surgery and medical care, and partners with local communities to improve health care, offering training and advice, materials and hands-on assistance. The majority of the care and support goes to Africa and Asia Since 1978, the two ships fleet and land teams have served in more than 50 developing countries throughout Africa, Central America and the Caribbean, and the Asia Pacific region. In recent years Mercy Ships has focused on the massive need found throughout West Africa, which has led to the establishment of permanent land-based programmes

What Defines Mercy Ships

All volunteers that go on the ships, do so at their own expense.  They pay for their flights and food etc. while serving on the ships.  They give their time, skill and energy to help others, not to look good on a CV, or to boast about it on Facebook, but giving the way Jesus taught.  The charity is not just doctors and nurses, it is like a small city.  With cooks, teachers, receptionists, IT specialists, cleaners and ships crew.  It is about bringing together people from all nations for one purpose, to help others.

Status Of Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships is a Christian run charity that is a global reaching charity based in the UK.  If you wish to donate to the charity, you can be confident that your money will go direct to the issues that people in desperate need face.  Building communities, training local leaders, healthcare and medical support. Marketing Quotes is proud to highlight this exceptional charity and encourage people from all around the world to support and serve others as God intended.

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