Oxfam – Helping Those In Dire Need

What Is Oxfam?

Oxfam are a global charity that helps to fight poverty around the world.  Popular for it’s TV advertising and high street shops, They raise money to help countries (mainly in Africa) to support local governments and to provide support for war torn nations.  Popular for high street shops and advertising on TV, they are one of the largest UK charities.

Status Of Oxfam

Oxfam is a secular charity that is based in the UK but operates on an international level.

How Much Money Goes To The Cause?

Less than 50% of the money that is donated to Oxfam goes to the cause.  The chief executive has a income of around £150,000 and claims around £40,000 on expenses.  Much of the money that is donated goes to ‘administration’.  This would include salaries, cars, mobile phones, TV advertising, PPC advertising etc.  In fact, they are just one of many of the large charities that do a lot of advertising.  Millions are spent on marketing, arguably to raise awareness.  However charities like Links International spend nothing on marketing but give all donations to the cause.

How Many Shops Does Oxfam Have?

There are around 22,000 volunteers that give their time to serve in over 800 shops around the UK.  This is to receive donations of clothes, books, toys etc.  These are then sold and the money is passed back to the charity.  As the shops are a charity, they do not have to pay council rates, which causes frustration for local businesses.  In fact many high streets in our towns and cities are being taken over by charity shops.

Does Oxfam Get Involved With Fair-trade?

In fact they were one of the pioneers for fair trade, giving more to local communities and farmers.  Unfortunately this does mean that you will pay more, as the supermarkets need to make their money.  However through simple shopping choices, you can get a few extra pennies to those in need (pennies not pounds).

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