RSPCA – The Worlds Largest Animal Charity

RSPCA is the worlds largest animal welfare charity.  Set up in the Strand in London in 1824 it has helped millions of animals all around the world.  In 2017 it rescued and collected over 124,000 animals. The CEO of the RSPCA has a salary of around £200,000 a year and the charity does a lot of TV advertising and marketing.  This is all funded by donations from UK animal lovers.  Certainly marketing for charities is important, however we feel that more money should go to the cause.

About The Charity

They are the leading UK animal welfare charity.  They specialise in rescue, animal welfare and preventing animal cruelty.  Set up in 1824 in a London coffee shop, they continue to help and support animals that are mistreated, beaten or injured.  Set up to prevent cruelty and neglect not just to domestic pets like cats and dogs, but to commercial animals that are used by farms and slaughter houses. Care of animals used for human consumption also is close to the mission of the charity.  Your Sunday lunch or the bacon sandwich you enjoy all involves care for animals.

Status Of RSPCA

They are a secular charity that is based in the UK.  Roughly every 30 seconds, someone calls the animal cruelty phone line.  In 2017 there were over a million calls made.  There are over 340 inspectors that investigate more than 149,000 complaints about animal cruelty. This information is according the published facts and figures.

Why Donate To The RSPCA

Sadly in the 21st century, animal cruelty is still a big problem.  The charity seeks to end abuse to commercial and domestic animals.  To see a global change and end abuse takes time and education.  Unfortunately the end is not in sight and the battle still goes on. For more information see the charities website.

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