Marketing Companies In Surrey

There are over 2,000 marketing agencies in Surrey, ranging from larger design agencies (that work with big clients in London) through smaller agencies and freelancers that work from their bedrooms.  Surrey has over 500 marketing companies that offer website design as part of a range of marketing services (such as branding, digital marketing, advertising etc.) to businesses that need support for a range of their marketing needs.

Choosing An Agency In Surrey

For businesses based around the county, choosing a local website designer is important.  There are thousands of competent website designers in London that can help, but they can charge more than the website designers in Surrey (as they have higher overheads).
For companies that are based in Surrey, the main benefit in dealing with a local website designer is that a visit to their offices is relatively streight forward.  Meeting a web designer, meeting their team and chatting through ideas face to face can bring many benefits.  There is always the added loyalty that comes with having a personal relationship (having met face to face rather than working via e-mail) and the loyalty that comes with working locally.  A meeting also gives the chance to check that the web designer is legitimate (you never know with websites these days, companies can claim to be whatever they like and wherever they like) and are based in registered offices (and not working from a bedroom) and are in the UK (and not working from India with a virtual office).
Selecting a marketing agency is a great move, but possibly a more important thing is choosing one that has experience in your industry.  If the web designer has designed websites that are similar to yours, then chances are they will design a website that is more effective and will fit in more to your sector.  For example, if you are a property company, why would you choose a website designer that specialises in football websites?  Many designers do focus on vertical markets (in order to stand out as unique) rather than handling websites of any sort.
One final suggestion is choosing a designer that is the right size.  If you a new company then choosing a freelancer to set you up with a cheap website (cheap yet does what it needs to do) or if you are a global company, selecting a larger website designer that has more resources and can design large ecommerce websites or sites for global businesses.

Compare Prices In Surrey

As there are thousands of marketing companies to choose from, costs will vary massively from agency to agency.  Generally the larger the designer is, the more they will charge (as they have higher overheads, more staff (with higher wages), larger offices, etc.) for their time than a freelancer.
Comparing quotes is part and parcel of our society; all website designers are in business to make profit (to pay for their houses, holidays, cars) and to grow their companies; so shopping around is essential.
Finding the cheapest website will not make it the best, sometimes it is good to pay extra for great design and no-one minds paying a fair price for a fair days work; however you do not want to fund a designers next holiday in the Caribbean.

A Few Thoughts About The County

It is one of the home counties in the south east of England, located south of London and north of Sussex; Surrey covers 642 square miles and has a population of just over a million.
The North Downs cut right across the middle of the county, which are large chalk hills that are part of the metropolitan green belt.
Surrey was used little by the Romans except for a couple of temples and the main Roma Road (Stain Street) running from Chichester (then called Noviomagus Reginoru) to London (covering around 90 km).   The Saxons used Surrey more (which is where the name Surrey comes from ‘Suthrige’ meaning south region (as it formed the southern part of the middle Saxon Kingdom).
Much of the Saxon Kingdom had disappeared by the 7th centaury as it was a battle ground of disputes for the counties of Kent, Wessex, Sussex and Mercia.
During the Tudor years; the Kings of England constructed many palaces around Surrey (the palace of Richmond, the palace of Guildford etc.) ; however these have all been demolished.
Historically the area of Surrey was known for cloth making; however this industry declned in the 16th centaury.  This was replaced with smelting and brass manufacture as the Industrial Revolution took hold and the area was inhabited by the rich and influential.
These days, Surrey has the greatest concentration of milionairs in Britain and most of the top UK brands are based in the county.

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