Tearfund – Helping End World Poverty

Tearfund is a UK based Christian charity committed to ending global poverty.  Working with over 100,000 churches, they break down interdenominational walls so that Christians from all walks of life work together.

What Is Tearfund

They have a big vision which has been running since 1968. They help communities around the world to unlock their potential, helping people to help themselves and become self sufficient.  Working in every country except for Australia and North America & Canada.

Responding To Disaster

Over 13 million people have benefited from the response to disasters around the world.  Working with local churches they seek to support communities and show the practical help that Jesus taught.

Community Development Projects

Over 32 million people have been reached through ongoing community development projects.  Closely working with local churches to show God’s love in practical help.

Supporting Local Churches

Over 154,000 local churches have been supported and envisioned by Tearfund.  Many people in developing countries do not need money, they need support and the tools to help themselves both physically and spiritually.

What Is The Status Of Tearfund

They are a Christian organisation that is based in the UK.  They are committed to ending global poverty.  Sadly charity given to developing countries rarely goes to the people, it stays within governments, goes towards weapons and armies.  Many people in developing countries want to be able to help themselves, work their own land and look after their families from their own efforts.  The charity recognises this and seeks to do just this, by working alongside the local Churches.

Please Donate

Like many Christian charities, Tearfund is supported mainly by volunteers and spends very little on marketing and advertising (which a lot of money is spend on by secular charities).  As such most of the financial donations goes to the cause.  Marketing Quotes feels that Tearfund is a fantastic charitable cause to support.

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