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There are over 30,000 UK marketing agencies.  Ranging from freelance companies that work from home, to top marketing companies in London. When considering marketing companies, one has to ask the question ‘how do they differ’.

Are All UK Marketing Agencies The Same

All UK marketing agencies are different.  Large, small, regional, national, global they are all different.  All have different experience, some work with a few local businesses, some varied national businesses and some only in certain industry sectors. Depending on your business, what your objectives are and what your budget is will determine the sort of UK marketing agencies that will be most suited to working with you.

How Much Does Marketing Cost

This is the question, and it would depend on a number of factors:
  • What do you want done
  • How much activity you want
  • If you want additional support
  • What agency you choose
Marketing can be a very low cost process and can be very targeted.  But it can be a very very expensive process.  Looking at global companies such as Coca Cola; they spend mega money on marketing, why – brand reinforcement.  To remain at the top you do need to keep on getting your name/product seen otherwise competitors will overtake you.  It is all about brand awareness.


All UK marketing agencies are different; there are around 25 different services and over 25,000 companies.  Website designers, PR agencies the list goes on through both on-line and offline marketing. It is advised on comparing prices, from a few local agencies.  This way you can ensure you get the right sort of company at a reasonable price.

Why Compare UK Marketing Agencies?

As all UK marketing agencies are different (different sizes, different experience) they will charge differently.  There is no set price list (as there is for things like cars, houses); all companies set their own prices. What is advised is to have criteria in mind for the sort of agency that you would like (location, industry experience); then get a few quotes from ones that meet that criteria.  Once you have short-listed the quotes from the agencies that you like the look of, you can select the one that is the best price/quality and can get you the results you want.

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