Choosing An Advert Designer

Choosing an advert designer can be tricky, as there are lots around.

OK, so you are looking for an advert to be designed?

Excellent, however there are a few things that need to be considered before you approach a graphic designer to help you with putting together a great looking advert for you.

Choosing an advert designer

The UK does have a lot of designers (which is great in once sense) giving you lots of choice.  However (on the other side) finding the right advert designer may be a time consuming process.


The UK is a big place, so it would make practical sense to work with someone local.  This way you can organise a visit without too much difficulty and chat through ideas face to face.  A face to face meeting is always more productive than a conversation via e-mail (or on the phone) as communication will be more fluid.  When choosing an advert designer, the more local they are the better. Using a search engine like Bing can show you lots of local ones.


Once you have found someone that is local (so you can visit them) it would be great if the designer had a prior understanding of your market/industry.  This will help them to understand your product/service better, and also your objectives.

Getting your advert looking right is important, in order for it to be efficient and prompt the best response.  An understanding of your market is therefore needed in getting the best advert designed for you – so you can get the best response possible.


Advert design costs will vary from agency to agency.  All graphic designers charge differently based on a range of criteria.  The size of the design agency plays a role as the larger the agency, the larger their overheads will be.  The experience of the designer also plays a role in the overall graphic design prices.  Generally the more experienced the designer is, the more they will charge.

Compare Graphic Designers

It is always good to shop around and get different ideas from graphic designers both in terms of design options and also costs so as you can get the best advert designed for the best price.

If you would be interested in getting some local advert designers to provide advice and prices just use the quote form opposite.  Choosing an advert designer just became easier.

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