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What do business development agencies do?

Business development agencies are dedicated to supporting and growing your business.  

They seek to provide your business with lasting value.  Not just reaching out to potential and existing customers but also by entering other markets where other prospective customer may be.  

The ultimate aim and goal is to get your business making more money from an influx of sales and leads.

The aim should be to monitor and accelerate the growth of your business.  They can work alongside your existing teams or work independently giving you a monthly report of the growth of the business.  The services can range widely starting from securing enterprising partnerships to promoting local or international sales or broadening the market reach.

Here are 5 reasons to hire a business development company:

  • It streamlines and saves time for your business
  • It saves financial resources
  • Impactful changes
  • Access to facilities
  • Producing a strategy for success

Business Development In The Digital World

The world has changed a lot in terms of marketing as digital marketing has taken a much stronger hold on our society.  Certainly with the development of social media, the world of fax machines and home telephones is now a page of history.

Since most companies do at least some business on line, the traditional business development agency has had to adapt to the new challenges that digital marketing has brought.

There is still the need for traditional sales techniques such as knocking on doors and telemarketing, but the toolkit of the agency has had to evolve as it embraces other forms of marketing.

The Business Development Roadmap

Right from the beginning, a business development agency should provide you with the following roadmap:

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Lead Generation & New Business
  • Business Development Plan And Marketing
  • Attending Meetings And Pitch As Part Of The Sales Team
  • Business Roadmap Creation And Communications Training

Working alongside you to assess your business goals then developing a new business plan that is in line with your business objectives.  Even for smaller companies, providing that boardroom level strategic consultancy and training for your staff.

Why do I need a business development agency to do this for me?

All business owners’ work hard to make their business reach more people and generate more sales but there are many factors that can put up a struggle.

Think about this, you may be doing a great job reaching customers in close proximity to you but how do you reach people who aren’t so close by?

With more and more people wanting to buy from locations nearer to them, it can be a struggle to convince them to buy from you instead.  

The government does provide some support, but you need someone that really knows your market place.

It could also be that you’re having success in reaching your demographic in your own market but what about targeting people who aren’t looking for your service but may be likely to convert?  One way is to reach them is via another niche market that they exist in.

For example, you may have a toothpaste business and are doing well in the dental care sector. You notice a trend in many young adults looking for a quick solution to a clean-teeth feeling before a date. You may want to reach these people via online dating sites.

A dedicated business development agency will think of all this for you.

They will have a team that analyse your sector, find opportunities and go after them to drive results.

They can work on this full-time to drive you more success.

The Benefits Of Hiring The Right Agency

Since there are a wide range of business development companies in the UK, the benefits of hiring the right agency are endless.  Whether you are running a startup fledgling company, or a well established global organisation, there may be limitations to your business plan.  

Hiring the right business development agency ensures that the progress of your business is supervised and that you receive constructive feedback on areas that can be improved.

5 Questions To Ask A Business Development Company:

  1. How do you get to know my business inside and out?
  2. What does your business development process involve?
  3. How do you measure success of a business development strategy?
  4. When can I expect to see results?
  5. What differentiates you from other business development agencies?

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