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For an efficient sales team, you need to ensure they are functioning correctly.  They know your product/services and they can sell!

 Every sales person needs to go on a refresher course from time to time.  

This is to ensure they are not picking up and practicing bad habits.  It also offers marketing training across a broad range of skills.

Using an agency to sharpen up skills and refresh on your product is essential.

This is if they are to be effective in selling your business to your customers.

Rather than spending your time going through countless websites on google, let us do the hard work for you.  

Fill in the form and get quotes from 5 sales training companies that know your industry sector.

You’ll get to compare prices and get in touch with experts that are keen to work with you.  There’s no obligation to go with any particular agency so you have nothing to lose.

What Is Sales Training And Why Is It Important?

Sales training is designed to equip and arm your sales team on selling to your targets, converting potential consumers into paying consumers.

There is a wide range of selling techniques that can be taught to your sales team:

  • Objection Handling – how to deal with barriers customers put up
  • Questioning Skills – finding out information in conversation
  • Closing Techniques – different ways of getting the sale
  • Selling Skills – skills that allow your team to sell anything
  • Management Training – keeping managers on the narrow path
  • Marketing Training – grass roots training for any member of the team

Having an expert agency can be extremely beneficial to help your business maximise on sales.

By hiring an agency, you’ll receive ongoing support as real benefits only come with regular training.  

With so much competition in the market, it’s now more important than ever to have an edge.  

It’s important to hire an agency that has good knowledge of your sector so that they can add more value to your courses.  With COVID, Zoom has shifted a lot of training online, which should bring costs down.

Brushing Up Sales Skills

Experienced sales people often may object to going on a sales training course as they have been selling for years and not need further training.  They know it and it is just a waste of time.

However we can all get into bad habits and this is certainly the case when it comes to selling.

Ideally, a refresher course would be helpful for all sales people once a year.

Keeping sales people motivated and following the ‘maths of selling’ is important.  There is a maths involved in selling, sales is a numbers game and the recipe does need to be followed if they are to be successful.

Types Of Sales Training

There are different types of sales training that agencies in the UK can offer, depending on what your company requires.

  • Online Sales Training – As mentioned above, with COVID, working virtual has become common for most of us, whatever industry you are in.  Zoom meetings or Microsoft Teams can be used to do either group or one to one training are popular.  This is flexible for everyone since it reduces travel costs, and maximises time in the classroom.
  • Onsite Training – This is when the sales training company comes to your offices/factory.  Face to face sales training is always going to be more effective than virtual training, as people are more engaged and focused in a classroom environment.
  • Classroom Training – Some sales training companies encourage customers to visit their offices whereby training courses can be done.

Face to face sales training is always going to be better, whether it is in your office, at the trainers premises or even an open course at a hotel.  Open courses are where multiple businesses can attend on a person by person basis to receive training on a specific topic.

Why Should You Compare Prices?

How much does sales training cost, why do prices vary?

Every sales training agency differ in their rates which can depend on the range of services they offer.  Also the industry experience they have or the running costs involved.  

Comparing sales training prices helps you make an informed choice and allows you to select an agency within your budget who can also meet your needs.

We live in a world of price comparison, whether it is for goods in the supermarket, houses or a service based product like marketing.  With marketing, you do not get what you pay for as you would with a car, or a watch.  The most expensive marketing company is not necessarily the best.  Neither should you go with the cheapest quote.

You’d want to find the right agency at the right price.

We have also put together some advice for sales training companies to consider.

Questions To Ask

  1. What aspects of sales training do you cover?
  2. How often will I receive it?
  3. Do you have specific sales courses and knowledge for my sector?
  4. How tailored are your courses to each individual?
  5. Can I see testimonials from your other clients?

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