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We are here to help you find the ‘right’ PR agency for your business.  Public Relations is important for virtually every business these days, helping to create brand awareness and  news about your business.  

They can help manage your reputation and also aid as a powerful marketing tool to boost your new customer base.  

However there are over 15,000 PR companies in the UK for your to choose from.  

Public relations can be done in the traditional press, social media with online media and also via e-mail media releases.

There are over 2,000 public relations agencies in the UK, so finding the right one for your business may be a hard task. That is where we come in, to help you find a local public relations agency that knows your industry sector.

Just fill in the form to get five free quotes from local PR agencies that know your industry.

What Is Public Relations?

At its core, public relations is about building and maintaining a positive reputation for your brand.  The competitive edge gained from a strong brand image can be invaluable to distinguish your business from your competitors.  

A PR agency will work alongside other parts of your marketing to complement it.

Public relations attempts to create and maintain a positive impression of your business to anyone who comes into contact with it.

Why Industry Experience Is So Important

An agency that knows your sector will be able to tell your story in a language your customers will understand.

They’ll be able to reach your audience with your message.  Thanks to their established contacts within relevant trade and industry media, as well as local and national news if necessary.

Additionally the agency will have the level of knowledge required to successfully engage with a range of  tactics to build your brand.  This could include public speaking events and conferences, sponsorships, newsletters and of course, press releases.

Ultimately the better your business’ reputation, the better you’ll be able to retain customers and gain new ones.  This is called brand awareness.

What Services Does An Agency Offer?

A good PR agency will offer a wide range of services to protect and enhance your reputation, and many now offer this online as well as offline.

Services include:

  • Reputation and brand management
  • Media relations
  • Writing and distributing media releases, newsletters and white papers to sites like Newswire.
  • Finding and planning events and conferences
  • Market research
  • SEO, social media & blogger outreach

Specify what services you need and local agencies who offer those services will give you the advice you need.

Can I Do It Myself?

It depends on the size of your business and your area of industry.  In many cases an agency will make life easier for you, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

A small business or startup may well be able to do media relations themselves.  By using press release websites, but this can be time consuming.  This is why utilising the services of a good public relations company becomes necessary.

How Much Does It Cost?

How much will it cost?

All PR agencies are different, therefore PR costs will vary greatly.

It also depends on how much media attention your brand needs.  If you have done media relations in the past, or if your are starting from scratch.  If companies are linked to the trade body, this can provide additional support.

Whatever stage you are at, as a price comparison website, we aim to help you.  We can find you a local agency that knows your industry sector.

Let Us Help You Find The Right Agency For Your Business

Just fill in the form and we will get you free quotes and advice from local PR companies that know your industry sector.

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