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With over 300 exhibition stand designers in the UK, finding the ‘right one’ for your business will be a challenge.  This is where we can help, be getting you quotes from local design agencies that know your industry sector.  We want to help you find the ‘right’ designer for your business.

Events and exhibitions in 2020 are closed currently, but planning for the future for your events is always wise.  Events will come back.

Since COVID, exhibitions are in decline and may never return to being the way many companies market their products and services.

Different Stands For Your Event

Choosing the right stand for your event is crucial as there are various types of exhibition stand types available.  Your stand has to be appropriate for your event, and for your floor space.

  • Pop Up Stand

A pop up stand is the most basic of stands.  Light and portable it is ideal for small events, or small floor areas.

  • Modular Display Stand

Modular display stands are the next level up from a pop up stand.  They have a framework that can bolt together and can incorporate monitors, visuals and lighting.  Modular stands are ideal if you are attending several events and they are quick to set up and transport.

  • Custom Built Stands

Custom built stands are high impact stands.  Created to impress they are the Rolls Royce of the event.  On a custom built exhibition stand the sky is not the limit.  You can have anything on them.  A bar, a bus, you can have them on multiple levels with stairs to reach meeting rooms.

  • Hiring A Stand

With the cost of exhibition stands, many are turning to the option of hiring, especially if it is only a one off event.  Exhibition stand hire can be a very cost effective option for smaller companies.

Talking to a few designers about you various events should let them steer you to the right kind of stand.

What will the design agencies do?

They will make sure that your event is a success.   They will not only produce you a great exhibition stand, but deliver it and set it up for you (and maybe store if afterwards).

  • Research

When you first meet an agency they will work with you to understand your brand and product.  If they know your industry, they will understand how your business and market works.  This is important when planning your stand, as certain designs need to be incorporated in certain industry sectors.  Exhibition planning is very important.

  • Manage

Project management is essential to the success of an exhibition.  Not just building a stand, but helping you plan the event, to ensure that you are fully equipped. Whether you need to hire equipment, hire models, they will manage your event taking much of the pressure off you.

  • Design

Exhibition stand designers are experts at designing the right sort of stand for you.  Whether it is a simple modular stand, or a bespoke stand that has 2 stories and meeting rooms.  The right stand for your event will not only be designed, but designed with success in mind.

  • Build

Once you are happy with the graphics and the layout of the exhibition stand, it will be build for you.  It will be build to your specification and either stored, or delivered to your event.

There are lots of stand designers out there to choose from.  Just fill in the form to get quotes from 5 local exhibition stand designers that know your industry sector.

Exhibition Stand DesignHow Much Does Design Cost

All stand designers are private companies, therefore the cost will vary depending on their profit margins.

We highly advise you shopping around for prices as exhibition stand design prices do vary considerably.

What things should I consider?

Does the agency know your industry?  Can they get customers to your stand.

Do you need music on your stand?

Do you need refreshments to give to potential customers?

A well-designed and visually attractive exhibition stand will entice potential customers to meet you.  The right agency will have worked to understand your brand image and product to deliver you a stand that has the ability to generate sales.

Why should you choose one design agency over Another?

There are many agencies out there, hundreds in fact.  You want to ensure that you are choosing one which delivers exceptional service and has the expertise to create a visually enticing stand. We want you to have a successful event, and that all is based around your stand.  Success after an exhibition starts with the planning stage and ends in orders.

To get a feel for this it is useful to know what they believe their key selling points are.  Who their previous clients have been and if they have any testimonials. That way you’ll be sure they are the right agency for your business.

Event Locations

There are numerous event locations in the UK including the NEC, O2 Arena and London Excel.

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