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Finding the right web design agency is hard.  As the UK has over 20,000 website design companies, it is wise to get a few quotes to compare.  We advise you working with a local website design agency, also someone that has designed websites in your industry sector before.

If you’re looking for more information on web design agencies, why not read our helpful information below.

What Is Website Design?

We often hear people say that website design is simply how your website looks but it is actually a lot more than that.  A website is your shop window, a way for your customers to see what it is that you offer and the prices you charge.

A good web design agency will ensure that every web page is organised well.  In a form that’s consistent so that people can navigate effortlessly. The information on these web pages should also be displayed in an interesting and engaging way. Chunks of text or an overload of imagery will drive people away.  This flows into the branding of your company.  What kind of message are you communicating to your customers?  What emotions do people have when they look at your website (or your brand)?

Why Is Web Design Important?

Website design has come a long way in a very short space of time.  Technology leaps mean that speed of page load is important, quality images or photos are important, and a call to action is necessary in order for you to retain customers.

To be able to get people interested in your business and to use your services, you need to approach them with a user-friendly site which ticks all their needs as a consumer. You have one chance in most cases, to grab that new customer visiting your website, and while the design of the website is important, there are other factors which play a part in client conversions.

Can I Hire A Freelancer Rather Than An Agency?

Many businesses are attracted to the option of hiring freelance website designers in order to reduce cost.  But freelancers often lack the technology and support that a professional website design agency would have.

Different Kinds Of Website

There are different sorts of website depending on what you need.

  • Template websites – A basic website design can either be free or an agency
  • Brochure style websites – Next level up, a small yet professional website
  • E-commerce websites – An online shop that has a payment gateway
  • CMS websites – Bespoke websites designed to a website brief

5 things to ask when comparing web design agencies:

  1. What do you think of my site right now and what do you think needs urgent improvement?
  2. What programs do you use to design with?  WordPress, Joomla?
  3. How do you measure results of the work you do? Will you be able to publish and verify these results with me?
  4. Do you have a portfolio I can look at along with client testimonials?
  5. Do you offer additional services such as web development and SEO?

However, most importantly, how much is it going to cost?  Website design prices vary because all web designers are privately owned, setting their own fees.

Compare quotes and shop around from local website designers that work in your industry sector.

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