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Printing companies will ensure that your printing is of the highest standards.

Whether it’s a last-minute job or a comprehensive campaign, a printing company will have the means and skills to effectively get your message across.  

If you are planning to start a new business or looking to grow the old business in new ways, they should try out printed marketing materials.

Though print marketing is considered as an old channel to market your business goods and services especially in the digital era, but still it is serving as one of the best channels of promoting and publicising your brand between your customers.

A fact of life for almost any company is the need for paperwork to keep things running smoothly.

Whether it’s order forms, receipt blanks, brochures, advertising, or letterheads, a business that provides printing services will be able to help.

Since each business will be different and have unique needs.  A professional print company will work with each business on an individual basis to design and produce printed materials that meets its specific requirements and budget.

The final cost can often be less than what one would pay to produce these items in house.

Printing companies are gaining popularity, especially among local businesses. 

There are different types of printing services provided by marketing companies through which you can always stay with your customers.  Below are a few areas of printing that you may require as a business.

Getting prices is what we can help you with.  We can help you get quotes from local agencies for your to compare.

As a price comparison website, we aim to help you get the best printing company, for the lowest price.  Rather than spending your time on google looking for quotes, just fill in the form.

Types Of Printing

We now live in the digital world and the types of printing has moved on over the last few decades.  

Here are a few different types of printing:

  • Offset Lithography – Ideal for rough surfaces, wood, canvas, books, cloth.
  • LED UV – Posters, newsletters, stationery.
  • Flexography – Used for packaging.
  • Digital Printing – Posters & Signage.
  • Display Print – Wallpaper, murals & floor graphics.
  • Screen Printing – Printing logos and graphics onto clothing.
  • 3D Printing – Toys, display items.

We have moved forwards over the years and printing is used in almost all walks of life.

Large Format Printing can be used to gain everyone’s attention with large format printing.

Large format printing is an effective way to advertise any forthcoming product or event as it is proficient in showing up in public on a huge scale. There is a huge variety of large format options including:

What Do Printing Companies Offer?

Printing companies can offer a range of services such as creative services, exhibition graphics, digital print, legal information, brochures and leaflets and even stationary and posters.

It is also wise to use local graphic designers, rather than one hundreds of miles away.

When requesting your five free quotes it is important that you specify which type of service you require so that you can ensure that the agency you choose can fulfil your needs.

Indoor Or Outdoor Printing

Indoor and outdoor display products are those that fit perfectly to the businesses of all sizes. You may find the largest catalogs of display products from printing companies across the UK & Ireland. Some of them include:

  • Roll Up Banners
  • Fabric Media Wall
  • Feather Flags
  • Counter Displays
  • Shelf Edge Strips
  • Branded Sampling Counter

Printing is also needed for the wedding sector, which is huge in the UK.

Wedding stationery generally includes everything from invitations to seating plans and right down to the thank you cards.

Wedding stationery is important for any wedding, as it informs your guests to keep dates free, ceremoniously invites them, and provides them the complete information on the big day.

What should I look for in a printing company?


When hiring an agency it is important to find out how long the company has been in the industry, and who else they have worked with or if they have any certifications or awards. This will ensure that your company has a good reputation and a loyal customer base, proving that they are successful in responding to their client’s needs and objectives.


They should ensure that the work produced is of the highest standards and is delivered on time. Also ask to see a sample of the work when you go to meet the company to assess if it is up to your standards and would fit in with the standards of your business.


We would always recommend meeting an agency at their office as this will give you a feel for the company to see whether you they would be a good match for your business. You can also take this opportunity to look at their equipment and meet the staff who would be working on your project.


Prices do vary a lot, so we do advise shopping around and getting quotes.

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