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It is not easy choosing a branded gifts company.  Promotional gifts and corporate gifts can create a real impact with your target audience.  

But it’s important to select the right company to deliver gifts of high standards and fitting to your brand.  

At Marketing Quotes, we can provide you with five free quotes from trusted branded gifts companies as branded gift costs vary.

Rather than going onto Google and spending hours going through websites, we can get quotes to you.

There’s no obligation to go with a corporate gifts company and if you want to know about making the right choice, read our helpful information below. Ho

What Are Popular Promotional Gifts?

Promotional gifts have been around a long time, but here are some of the popular branded gifts:

  • Branded Clothing (hats, t-shirts etc.)
  • Branded Bags (sports bags, shopping bags etc.)
  • Branded Drinkwear (mugs, cups, gym bottles etc.)
  • Branded Pens (fountain pans, ball point pens, highlighters etc.)
  • Branded Tech (mobile phone chargers, USB sticks etc.)

There are lots of branded gifts that you can make use of, from low cost items costing less than £1.00 to more high end business gifts that could cost £50.00.

Being selective on when you use business gifts is important.  Everyone uses pens, so they are normally the go to for promotional gifts.  However in our digital society, they are becoming less popular than they were in the good old days.

What are promotional gifts and why should a brand have them?

Branded gifts, promotional gifts or business merchandise all refer to branded gifts that you can send out to your customers. There are many advantages of having corporate gifts including:

  • Helps with brand awareness
  • Makes your business stand out from the crowd
  • Shows your brand’s willingness to go the extra mile
  • Generates a positive response to your brand
  • Puts you at the forefront with your audience
  • Can be sent to loyal customers as well as attracting new customers
  • Can be used as incentives for when you run surveys and competitions

But do business gifts work, they are expensive and there are no guarantees that people will respond with an order?

When To Use Promotional Gifts

Promotional gifts can be used in a wide variety of situations, both to promote your companies brand, but also strengthen your internet branding to employees.

Here are a few situations you can use branded gifts:

  • Exhibitions & Events
  • Gifts To Businesses
  • Sales Incentives For Staff
  • Milestones

Branded gifts can be used in many ways, how many of us have a Sports Direct cup in our cupboard, or a McDonalds cereal bowl?

If your business does a lot of exhibitions around the UK, having promotional gifts on your stand is essential for your companies branding.  This could be pens, or laser pens.  Something that people will take home with them and give to their children.  Who knows, that child could become a customer or member of staff at some point in the future.

If a member of staff gets a promotion, having something special to give to them will build staff loyalty as well as help strengthen your brand.

Sending branded gifts to businesses is always good.  Branded chocolates could be popular, as most people do have a sweet tooth.  Even sending gifts on a monthly basis could be a good idea, so that staff are waiting for it.

Sending promotional gifts at seasonal times of the year (such as Christmas or Valentines Day for example) could be a good part of your marketing plan.

Why should I invest in a corporate gifts company?

Companies that specialise in corporate gifts have a lot to think about.

In today’s competitive world, in order to stand out, you need to move away from generic items such as branded pens or mouse mats.

A branded gifts company will think carefully about the types of branded items that will go down well with your audience while still managing to reflect your brand values.  Choosing promotional gifts is always tricky, as they need to be relevant.

The agency will also ensure that your branded gifts are appropriate to your target audience and on trend. They will also ensure that the items associated with your brand are of best quality or else you risk annoying your existing and potential customers which can leave a negative impression.

5 Questions To Ask Them:

  1. Are there any gifts you’ve created that you’re particularly proud of?
  2. What types of corporate gifts are on trend at the moment particularly for my sector?
  3. What does the process involve and will I receive samples before buying in bulk?
  4. What is a typical or realistic time span to get me my branded items?
  5. Do you have any testimonials from other clients that I can take a look at?

Also bear in mind that promotional gift company prices do vary, so it is important to shop around.

Using promotional gifts to boost business is popular and can be a very cost effective form of marketing

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