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We can help you find the right logo design agency for your business.  This is an essential part to any business.  

So you want to design a logo for your company or organization. If you have the resources, our first suggestion is to hire or commission a designer.

Designing a logo may seem simple, but ask any good designer and they’ll tell you it’s not. The design process rarely is.

Logo design surrounds us. Every business has a logo.

But, what actually is logo design? And what job does a logo do?

Perhaps you prefer watching videos to reading content, and that’s fine too!

That’s why we’ve put the following video together to run you through exactly what logo design is, and how it can be used in your own business.

Your design should speak about either what your product is, or communicate your message.  It will be created by an experienced graphic design agency.

Logo design agencies will work to understand your business to create a logo design which will increase business and boost your profits.

Whether you’re a start-up company looking for corporate identity or a long established business planning to rejuvenate your brand, we will find an agency to meet your desires and expectations.

Simply tell us your needs and you’ll receive 5 free quotes from logo designers who are keen to work with you.  

There’s no obligation to work with any of the agencies who contact you, though with 100’s of logo designers on our books we are confident that you’ll find the right agency for your business.

Your Logo And Your Brand

Your brand is your perceived corporate image as a whole. This is your brand mission, vision, story, and brand strategy, all wrapped together.

Your logo and your brand work hand in hand.

Your brand identity is the visual representation of your overall brand. It’s how your brand communicates visually.

And sure, your logo design is part of your brand identity, but there’s more to it than that. It’s the language you use, the typographic choices you make, the style of photography in your brand communication, and more.

When you work with a design agency to help design and develop your brand and logo.

The Logo Design Journey

Working with a logo designer involves taking you on a journey.

To do this right, you’ll want to work in phases. While every designer’s process looks different, the one we’re going to guide you through has five phases:

  • Discover
  • Explore
  • Design
  • Refine
  • Define

Every phase has its own goal, process and deliverable.

We’ll outline why each phase is important, the series of actions or steps you need to take, and the final deliverable you’re working towards which you’ll need for the next phase.

Discovering allows designers use this time to tease out as much context and background as possible to fully understand their client’s company or organisation, its values, business, brand attributes, etc

The exploration phase might just be the most fun and—as someone who’s embarking on this design process solo, and possibly for the first time—the most helpful.

The design phase takes all the considerations and inputs from the first two phases and start generating some logo designs.

If you ended the last phase with several different options, now’s the time to narrow down. Already have a final choice? This is the refining phase which allows you to tweak the logo to being the best version of itself.

By now, you should have a final logo design you love. And most likely, it took you a decent amount of time to get every element just right. Our fifth and final phase will help you ensure it stays that way.

What Do Logo Design Agencies Do?

Your logo is intrinsically linked to your brand, and it defines you and what you represent.  

It is what people often first see in your communications, adverts, on your website and in your building. It’s you and needs to be recognisable, so logo designers will firstly try and get a feel for your business to create a detailed brief which reflects your brand and desires.

Sometimes there are subliminal messages hidden in the design.  Companies such as Fedex and Toblerone are just two of many companies that have a hidden message in their design.  Amazon also has a hidden message.

The agency will then put together a selection of sketches and work up ideas, which will give you the opportunity to explore a range of alternative designs to get a feel for which style you prefer. The process will be a collaborative one, going back and forth with different designs and tweaks to ensure that you’re happy with the end result.

What Questions Should I Bear In Mind When Hiring Someone?

How long is the process to come up with a new design?

This area of design is a tricky process and it often depends on you and the amount of changes you would like to make before it is complete.

However you also want your agency to give you a timeline before you start, and to have a rough idea for when the design will be complete. This is especially important if you are a start-up, as designing a logo will be integral to the branding of your new business.

Do you have any testimonials from previous clients?

There are a huge selection of logo design agencies out there, and you want to ensure that the one you choose will be the most beneficial to your business.

You want to know if they have a loyal customer base and good reputation so that you’re assured that your business is in good hands.

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