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With hundreds of PPC agencies around the UK, we advise using someone local to manage your paid advertising campaigns.  

Finding the right agency for your company can be challenging.

In the UK there are over 500 PPC companies, ranging from freelancers up to top marketing companies in London working with top global brands.  

Some hold a Google Partner badge, but is using a Google Partner going to make any difference?

What Is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Lets start at the beginning, how does PPC advertising work?

It is a quick way to reach a relevant audience on major search engines like Google and Bing, and can be very cost-effective when implemented and managed correctly.

Google’s platform is called Google Adwords.  Bing’s platform is called Bing Ads.

You only pay when someone clicks on your advert.  

So by using the correct combination of keywords, ad messaging, and landing page, you’ll should only attract visitors who are interested in your product or service.  They should hopefully be more motivated to convert.

How Can Outsourcing Help Your Business?

As your customers increasingly spend more of their time online, it makes sense to reach them on the internet.  

A pay per click agency will help you plan and execute an effective online advertising campaign that will reach your customers with relevant messaging.

What Services Do PPC Companies Offer?

They offer a wide range of services, from account audits and consultations, to full account build and management.

Most PPC agencies offer a full range of services. Broadly these will cover:

  • Account build/restructure – for the most effective & manageable campaign structure
  • Keyword research and optimisation – to find the most relevant customers
  • Budget and bid optimisation – to maximise ROI
  • Ad and landing page testing – to optimise conversion rate
  • Reporting – to showcase campaign effectiveness and drive the account forward

Some PPC agencies can also run display adverts for you, these being advertising on sites other than search engines.

Most commonly these will be in the form of image or animated adverts.  Some agencies will have their own in-house designers to make these adverts for you, so let them know if this is a requirement.

The aim of all paid media activity should be aligned to meet your business goals, and a good agency will operate with a “business owner mentality” treating your account as if it were their own company.

Do I Need An Agency Or Can I Do It Myself?

The fundamentals of pay per click are fairly easy to grasp, and there is a wealth of information about the topic online.

However there is a vast difference between an averagely run account and an excellently run one.  

There is quite a lot of analysis that is needed, so this can take time.  Setting up keywords and even ‘negative keywords’ takes time and insight.

Shop Around For A Good Agency

PPC costs do vary considerably, so we do advise shopping around and comparing quotes.  

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from local PPC experts.

For more information on choosing an agency, read our PPC help page.

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