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There are hundreds of lead generation companies in the UK, which means you have quite a task ahead finding one that is right for your business.  

From the various telemarketing companies that offer lead generation, we do advise you using one that knows your industry sector.

Hiring an agency is essential to generating new customers as they will work with you as part of your overall marketing strategy.  

Agencies will help you take advantage of all the different methods of sales lead generation available today, and work with you to ensure you drive the largest possible amount of sales for your investment.

Simply fill out the form below to receive five free quotes from local agencies that will help you develop your business. There’s no costs involved and no required commitments, though with hundreds of agencies on our books we’re sure you’ll find the right agency for your business.

Fill out the form to the right to get five free quotes from local lead generation agencies that know your industry.

What Does A Lead Generation Agency Do?

The agency will help you generate more enquiries and opportunities by putting your services and products in front of the right people to increase awareness and convert them into a sale. Quality and quantity are important factors in lead generation, and an agency will ensure you succeed on both.

This is done by cold calling potential customers on your behalf.  Whether they work from your database, or supply new data they source themselves, they will contact prospects and see if there are opportunities for your business or service.

This really is an umbrella term for many telemarketing services, from buying and sending mail shots to the quality of your website and online presence. It is also done over the phone by telemarketing companies who call up a list of prospects and tell them about your products and convert them into sales.

Can I Do Lead Generation Myself?

Generating sales for your business is not a new idea, however finding new opportunities to tap into is difficult when you are already consumed with the day to day running of your business.

Lead generation is a full time job in itself, so many companies employ full time sales staff to handle lead generation and hunting new business.

Telemarketing in particular requires time to make call after call, and sometimes lists will have a number of unqualified leads which can often waste your time. Telemarketing is a skill in itself, and an agency will be trained to know how to get the right person on the phone and how to keep them interested to buy your product or meet with you.

An agency will use their expertise and knowledge to find the right opportunities for your business, and they will dedicate time to ensure new opportunities are converted into sales. Even the best salesperson will be unable to close a deal on 100% of sales leads, however a lead generation agency will have the experience and expertise to get the highest return possible.

Three things to remember when investing in a lead generation agency

  1. When starting to think about expanding your sales database it is important to remember who your ideal prospect might be. An agency will help you define your target audience, however it is important to go in prepared and know the right consumer to target for your business in order to generate more sales
  2. Once you have defined your ideal prospect you can start thinking about where you might find them. Would they be online, in magazines or signed up to certain newsletters? Once you have a clear idea of this it will help you define your strategy which you can then share with your agency
  3. Hiring an agency will save you time, as they will be able to research your audience and target them. However this process should also be thought about before you meet your agency so that you can make sure you are on the same page when you meet them and know that they are the right agency to grow your business.

We have put together some lead generation tips that may be helpful.

Compare Quotes

All marketing agencies set their own rates, therefore lead generation costs will vary from agency to agency.

It is very wise to shop around and get quotes, as the difference in costs from one agency to the other can be significant.

Rather than spending time going through websites on google.  Just fill in the form and we will get you 5 quotes to consider.  There is no obligation and price comparison could save you a lot of time and money.

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