Welcome to Bluesoup, a highly creative full service advertising agency bursting at the seams with brilliant people who have an unhealthy interest in helping their clients increase sales.  Many an hour was spent discussing what was important to us at the local all you can eat Chinese buffet and in the end it came down to this… "Success is sweeter, easier to create and more likely to endure when you know that it hasn’t been achieved at someone else’s expense and you have not compromised yourself or your beliefs”. Basically we’ll sleep a whole lot better if we’ve earned our money without ripping anyone off and have given the best advice we can along the way… whether you want to hear it or not.

The opportunities are fab – high resolution moving ads. What more could we want? File size would be a start… oh, and ads which are larger than a postage stamp! However, we’ve been designing digital ads since the dawn of the internet and get excited every time we’re allowed an extra few bytes of data from Google et al. Whether it’s a basic MPU or Leaderboard or a more immersive homepage take over, we’ve designed the lot.  SEO can seem to most like a digital dark art. At Bluesoup we’re more than happy to take on the search engine algorithms and deliver strong strategies which stay on the right side of the SEO rules. Without the usual agency smoke and mirrors and the big technical words, our team will dig into your user’s experience and help re-think your website in terms of gaining authority and getting it found. We may suggest a restructure, getting your pages mobile friendly or perhaps improving load speed. 

Whether you need a logo designing, a media campaign developing, your PPC needs a shot in the arm or your SEO strategy isn't working with Google's latest algorithm, we're ready and waiting to take your brief.  In all honesty, we’re pretty much like every other agency out there. We do the same stuff; planning & buying media, spending hours and hours analysing digital trends and campaigns, designing things, building websites, researching consumers, building brands, doing social etc. You name it, if it’s about you connecting with your customer we’ll be doing it – although without blowing our own trumpet, we think we’re better than most. So apart from our sheer brilliance, why would you want to work with us? We think there are 5 pretty simple principles that keep us focussed.  Hands up, if you, or your previous agency, has had a play with Google Pay per Click (PPC)! Thought so! 99.9% of the time we get enquiries from clients who need us to step in and sort out poorly planned, optimised and executed campaigns. With more than a decade of PPC behind us and a team who have their Google accreditation tattooed proudly on their arms, we can unravel and rebuild an account that will actually do the job. Let us be your fresh eyes; we can run a free PPC audit and see where things are at, with the results yours to do with as you see fit.

Standard Pricing
  • Per Hour : £34.00
  • Day Rate : £175.00
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  • Monday : 9-5
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  • Wednesday : 9-4
  • Thursay : 9-4
  • Friday : 9-1
  • Saturday : closed
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  • size : 7 Members
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