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brilliantblu delivers you the leads, sales and collateral you need to grow your business. We review, assess and discuss your current business development activity - and business goals - and create and action a tailored plan to find the customers and to generate new business necessary to achieve those goals. brilliantblu operates independently of any channel and any media, thus ensuring your proposal is tailored to the specific actions necessary to drive your business where it needs to go.

Telemarketing is what we do at brilliantblu, telemarketing for you.  Complete content optimisation / generation service aimed at driving inbound traffic and maximising exposure; awareness, brand and community building; press releases; media liaison.  Analysis of your business / business goals, marketplace and competition and creation of a comprehensive tailored strategy to achieve those goals. Having established your customer needs, we will recommend the most effective plan of action related to your business objectives.  We also do SEO, social media and a whole host of other things at Brilliantblu.

In a phrase – business growth. brilliantblu succeeds by combining a highly knowledgeable skill base with an in-depth understanding of every conceivable new business channel; utilising and focusing every ounce of that joint intelligence to deliver the new business you need to grow your business. Oh, and we also do the work, leaving you to focus on what you do best. Too good to be true? Take a look at our case studies and testimonials

If you’re looking for new B-B customers to grow your business then you need to be looking at brilliantblu.

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Standard Pricing
  • Per Hour : £35.00
  • Day Rate : £275.00
Business Hours
  • Monday : 9-5
  • Tuesday : 9-5
  • Wednesday : 9-5
  • Thursay : 9-5
  • Friday : 9-2
  • Saturday : CLOSED
  • Sunday : CLOSED
  • size : 3 Members
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