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Focusing on results, we use our technical skill and our industry insight to help you realise your digital aspirations — by using interactive web design that will bring new traffic to your website and increase ROI.  Website design moves fast. Novel tools constantly appear to make websites beautiful to see AND highly interactive. That’s where Function28 comes in. Our graphic design wizards have oodles of up-to-the-minute, creative ideas that will exceed your company’s design expectations.

We constantly monitor the hottest innovations we can apply to clients’ websites. Because we use the most advanced web design tools, you can be assured that your site will be top-notch in quality. Above all, it will showcase your company to the world.

Our Function28 team crafts beautiful website designs that are visually and aesthetically striking. What’s more, they are seamlessly easy for you to use and update. We won’t just design a beautiful and functional website—we can also maintain it for you and ensure it gets seen on search engines with an effective SEO strategy.  You could pass on to clients and prospects your exact URL (your website address), but that will  generate a minuscule flow of traffic compared with the potential.

Your slogan has to be “search engine rankings, search engine rankings, search engine rankings”.

Your website is virtually pointless if potential customers don’t find you via search engines. It is vital to your online success that your fabulous site is visible and appears as high up as possible in search engine rankings. That will attract more visitors to your site. And more visitors means more business.

Conversely, if your site is not optimised for search engines, tens of thousands of potential clients will never, ever find you—with obvious knock-on effects on your business.  Social media is an important and effective tool for business’, allowing instant and direct communication with existing customers and engagement with potential customers. Whether you want to increase website visitors, reach, or likes on a certain post, an effective social media strategy will enable your business’ objectives to be achieved.

Posting on social media regularly not only aids Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), but also increases your business’ exposure and allows you to maintain a strong position against competitors. We are aware that you won’t always have time to be checking and posting on social media regularly throughout the day. Our services offer a convenient and effective way to stay on top of your social media efforts. We have a variety of packages available, which are each tailored to suit your organisation’s objectives and marketing budget.

We have a great track record among our customers, providing a range of marketing services for many years. We work locally with Devon companies, across the UK, and internationally.

Because we work very closely with all our clients, long-term relationships develop that benefit us all. We are proud of our customers’ loyalty. It speaks volumes about the quality of our customer service and our professional way of doing business. Whether it be designing a new website or developing your existing one, we would love to help you achieve the website appearance and functionality you have been looking for. We will work closely with you to ensure every unique requirement is catered for.


We provide bespoke Digital Marketing and website development services with your business and audience at the forefront.

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  • Per Hour : £45.00
  • Day Rate : £240.00
  • size : 11 Members
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