Finding A Good Logo Designer

What is Logo Design

A companies logo is their image, their call sign, in the same way that a countries image is it’s flag, so a companies image is it’s logo.  The problem is, finding a good logo designer is challenging. A logo does not have to be complex or cryptic, something basic is always good.

What Are Some Well Known Logo’s

There are many brands that have logos that stand out:
  • The Nike Swoosh
  • The McDonalds Golden ‘M’
  • Apple’s ‘Apple‘ logo with a bite taken out of it
  • The Mercedes star in a circle
The logo does not make the company, the company makes the logo.  You do not have to spend vast sums on a designer to work night and day coming up with design ideas, troubleshooting them and then spending hours reviewing them.  The Nike swoosh was designed in 1971 by a student for $35.
 Finding A Good Logo Designer

How To Find A Good Logo Designer

Finding a good logo designer can be a challenge.  There are hundreds of designers that can submit creative ideas and options for logo design.  So it is a case of finding a company that you like the look of, getting some ideas and a quote, then giving them a go. It is advisable to find a local logo designer if possible. Then you can pop over to discuss the project, look at ideas and ensure that the designer there understands your business and what you are after. Many times companies will say they understand, but really do not.  Reason is because meetings take time and also, there is added pressure in a meeting as the client is more results focused.  Not good for the agency, but good for a client so push for a meeting with a local designer. There are (as mentioned) lots and lots of logo designers around the UK, so the best way to find the best quotes is via a comparison site.  Quick, simple and free of charge.

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