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Advice On Following Up Sales LeadsDo You Need Help Following Up Sales Leads?

It is great as a business to get sales leads coming in; but the worst thing is not following up sales leads.  

Sales leads do need to be followed up correctly if not, they are wasted.  

This results in wasted leads, wasted money and frustration for those at the top that have worked so hard and it is all lost by lack of skill at the bottom.  

For help in following up sales leads, you need to talk to the top.

If you have enquiries and need help in following up sales leads, then you need to talk to top industry experienced telemarketing companies.  

Just fill in the form to get quotes from local telemarketing agencies that can follow up sales leads and close new business for you.  Rather than going through pages on google, let us do the work for you in following up sales leads.

Telemarketing is all about creating and following up sales leads.

For many businesses, following up sales leads is a time consuming and frustrating process. Many times sales leads go uncontacted and the ones that are followed up are given up on after a couple of attempts.

If your company is not following up leads effectively, then you could be missing out on a lot of potential business.

Take the following as an example:

  • A client makes an enquiry through your website about your product/service. The client also makes an enquiry to 6 of your competitors.

You send the client an e-mail (or try to call them going through to a voice mail).

Your competitors are chasing the client by both phone and e-mail in the meantime you leave the client to respond to you in their own good time.

The result is that the client goes with one of your competitors and through lack of chasing, you miss the job.

Some may consider it bad form to chase enquiries too ruthlessly; however all leads need to be chased until they either order or say ‘no thank you’.

The problem is that people tend to be busy, and if they made an enquiry to you, it is normally something that they are handling that is of low importance. Thus responding to your voicemail or e-mail is not a high priority.

It is however a high priority to you as it is a sales lead and needs to be closed quickly. So if you do leave the client to get back to you in their own time, chances are that one of your competitors will have hovered them up.

Telemarketing is a quick and simple way to follow up new enquiries. Many times businesses are busy and do not have the time to follow up every single lead.  However if you do, you may well see a massive increase in the leads that are live and the unresponsive ones almost none at all.

If you do not have the resources internally for doing lead follow ups, then consider outsourcing this to a telemarketing company. They can focus 100% on chasing leads for you to drive new enquiries and stop good leads falling by the wayside. 

The Truth You May Not Know

The truth is that all sales enquiries have the potential for business.  There are always going to be time wasters, however there will be many genuine sales leads.  If you are not putting the effort into following up sales leads, they will very rarely come to you and quite possibly go to one of your competitors.

Telemarketing agencies are skilled and tenacious and will be able to follow up all leads that you do not have the time to follow up yourself.

Do not let leads go cold or go to a competitor, all leads need chased.  Following up sales leads on the same day is essential.

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