Is Lead Generation Worth While

Is Lead Generation Worth While?Is Lead Generation Really Worth While These Days?

Does it pay for itself, is lead generation worth while really?

Many businesses find that lead generation is very time consuming, something that takes up time and resource and does not always warrant the results that are required.

Some enquiries do not turn into business, in fact some sales enquiries do not even respond to calls or e-mails.

Is It Justifiable?

For busy companies, generating enquiries can be a frustrating process, being sent a variety of leads, some good, some bad, some appalling.

Why is it that enquiry generation companies insist on sending rubbish enquiries, why can they not just send hot leads?  Is lead generation worth while really, does it pay for itself?

In some cases, do it does not; however in some cases yes it does, in fact it is essential.

The Truth About Generating Enquiries

The fact is, that sales leads are just leads, nothing more.

Most customers feel that when they pay for a telemarketing company to generate sales enquiries for them, that they should expect hot leads.  Leads that will return phone calls, respond to e-mails and ask for orders.

A sales enquiry is a foot in the door, not a sale on a plate.

Making The Most Of All Enquiries

Telemarketing companies are there to support you, one may consider them to be against you if they are sending over rubbish leads, but they are on your side.

Having KPI’s in place is good (key performance indicators) before the telemarketing campaign starts; however there is a problem.

Sales leads are not all hot, some may be luke warm or cold, and this can cause friction between telemarketing agency and client.

Finding The Right Agency

A quick search online will show you that there are hundreds of lead generation agencies around.  How do you find the right one for your business?

Talk To The Agency

A good understanding of lead generation and sales enquiries is needed in order that the telemarketing agency works hard, and that the enquiries produced are good quality.

There is the excuse that a luke warm sales lead can be really good, and can turn into work in a few weeks/months, but this is a big ‘maybe’.

However one cannot judge the effectiveness of the campaign purely on ‘hot leads’.

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