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Cre8 Sales helps companies generate leads, increase sales and grow. We offer telemarketing, sales coaching and consultancy, and full sales/business development campaigns.

Our sales & marketing campaigns help you generate sales leads, improve customer retention, find new customers and generate more sales.


Speaking with people is what it’s all about. Your target prospects, your customers or your former customers, or even people you meet on Twitter and LinkedIn, having REAL conversations helps more people BUY more from you!


Telemarketing works best when done in tandem with email and social media marketing. Connect with someone on LinkedIn, and then call them. Make a cold call, then connect with them on LinkedIn, for example! Don’t worry, we offer all of these telemarketing and social media services so we can take care of your whole campaign, leaving YOU free to run your business. If you’re already doing your social media marketing we offer stand alone telemarketing campaigns. Everything is bespoke for your needs.


We specialise in speaking with people. We say WITH, not TO, because nothing beats a conversation. We make cold calls and warm calls; if it involves calling people, we’re experts at it


What you measure, gets managed. We’ll help you develop an effective modern day strategy that embraces at least 5 routes to market, and then we’ll implement and operate it for you!


Talking with people, having real conversations not “sales calls”.

Integrating your telemarketing with intelligent digital marketing that generates results.

Building relationships with prospects using a variety of communication methods.

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