Mental Health And Marketing

Mental Health And MarketingHow Is Mental Health Linked To Marketing?

If you use Googles keyword research tool to look at ‘mental health’ during 2020 you will notice a huge increase from 2019, due to (yes, you guessed it) COVID-19.

As 2021 unfolds, we at Marketing Quotes have noticed there is still a lot of internet searches for ‘mental health’ as the UK sees lockdown restrictions ease.

A Time For Pause And Reflection

In many ways, COVID-19 has brought positive things into the UK society and even the world overall.

  • Reduced travel

As overseas travel has ground to a halt over 2020, we have seen the environmental effects we as a society are causing our environment.  Greta Thunburg raised this in her documentary series ‘A year to change the world’ as Venice canals cleared and global industry was set to pause.

  • Shops Closing

During the lockdown, all non essential shops were told to close.  Shops put their staff on furlough and all shopping was pushed online to the likes of Amazon who saw their profits soar.  Slowly as the various lockdowns have eased, shops have had to adapt to the new normal.

  • Working From Home

Millions of staff were told to work from home as companies around the world quickly set up infrastructure for remote working.  The effects on mental health vary significantly since we are all different.  Some of us found this transition easy, some found it very difficult.

  • Family Bonds

For this of us who were locked down with the immediate family and children the mental health effects of spending a huge amount of time together varies.  For some, it is a joy to seen the children all day, for others this is a challenge.  Now life is returning to normal, family bonds have had chance to be tested.  For those of us who were cut off from family, the joy of seeing relatives again shows what is important in life.

  • Bordom

Staying at home, no gym classes, no day trips brings the issue of boredom.  How did you pass the time in 2020?  Since hospitality was closed, churches were closed, what made a Tuesday different to a Sunday?  Boredom has a huge effect on our mental health, we need to be active and challenged each day.

The Changes In The Marketing World

Lockdowns in the UK have had huge ripples to the world of marketing.  As businesses adapt the ripple effects have caused UK marketing companies to shake up and future proof themselves.  Retail has adapted to a more online presence as we have seen the high street shrink even more as the likes as Debenhams have closed.

There has been a surge in signage advising ‘you must wear a face covering’ or ‘keep 2 meters apart’, ‘hands face space’, the list goes on.

Companies selling PPE and face masks have been popping up on Google Ads as they compete to sell to those of us who are buying.

The events and exhibition sector possibly suffered the most as sites like the O2 were converted into testing and vaccination centres.

How To Preserve Mental Health

Over the last few decades, mental health and wellbeing has become more of an issue that society is starting to recognise.  Consider during the 1940’s as war was consuming the world, how often was mental health discussed?

Lockdown and COVID-19 have brought pause to us all globally to stop and take stock, to reflect on what is important in life and if you take freedom of movement away, how we survive.

Many companies are using COVID-19 as a springboard for their marketing, to sell their products and adapt to the new normal.

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