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Established in 2014 we provide telemarketing and lead generation services to companies across the UK. Although we started in the IT and professional services sector we have now have extensive experience with the recruitment, hospitality, construction, Print Management and software development.

TELEMARKETING TAKES TIME.  However, making meetings, or telephone appointments is hard and it is getting harder. You need data, you need data that is clean, you need to get passed the receptionist and when you do you have less than 30 seconds to get a message across that will make the MD/FD sit up and take notice and then agree to block out an hour of his busy schedule to see your client’s sales people.


IT TAKES EXPERIENCE It takes a lot of experience, calling for a wide range of different industries, understanding what a client wants and then getting them in front of the right person. You have to be able to sound credible and professional on the phone and at the same time empathise with the person on the other end that he very busy and that he won’t have time for small talk.


Total Recall Business Services has over twenty years’ experience telemarketing for a wide range of industries, in particular IT, including. Support, Managed Services, Hosting or Website development.
We telemarket for accountants and have experience in talking about Tax Planning, VAT, Compliance, Accounts, Transaction Services, Exit Strategies and Corporate Finance.
We have also called for Financial Services, including pension planning and administration, auto enrolment and company investment planning.


We are a small dedicated telemarketing agency who specialize in arranging appoints for companies within the owner manager and professional services sector. With over 20 years experience working for accountants, recruitment agencies, construction and IT, we know how to get you or your sales team in front of decision makers and key influencers. We take the time to really listen and understand what is important to you when you are marketing and growing your business.


Our clients know that when they attend meetings that we have made for them, they will be good qualified meetings with people who are looking to buy or have an interest in the services they offer.


If your company is actively looking for new business you will need to have a lead pipeline. You may decide keep the leads on a separate section in your data base so you can visit them regularly and keep any details of recent conversations up to date.If your sales team are doing their jobs and converting those leads into new customers, you will need to replenish your lead pipeline.There nothing worse than sitting down in a sales meeting and wondering where the next job is coming from because you have “nothing to go at”




You need keep your pipeline refreshed all the time. So trade shows (guard those business cards you have collected with your life!) email marketing, leaflet drops, website enquiries and of course telesales and telemarketing.

It is good idea to categorise the leads into “where they came from headings” that way you can concentrate your efforts on what works well for you. Don’t discard the other marketing methods though, they may not be working because you need to do something differently.

It is also a good idea to categorise leads into how quickly they will convert into customers and which ones will need more work on them. Perhaps do the same as we do which is to have A B C and D leads. A leads are red hot and need to be actioned every week and the others over three and six months. D leads are people that are not interested at this time.


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