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TLC pr was formed in 2006 and specialises in B2B PR, particularly (but not exclusively) for the construction sector.
We count a former award-winning print and broadcast journalist among our staff and are supported by a creative agency and media buyer.�
When we started our PR agency, we needed a name. A good honest name to tell people exactly what it is we're offering.

So we settled on the one thing clients told us was most often lacking in their relationships with other PR professionals. The one thing that turns a simple commercial arrangement into a positive, fruitful business partnership.� Commitment is at the very heart of the TLC way of working. It�s our biggest single promise to our clients and the reason our relationships with them go way beyond mere service.

We�ll help your brand progress by formulating your PR plans with you as partners rather than providers. Add value to it by adding interest. And do it all with a level of care and attention that only true TLC can foster.

In today�s competitive business environment, it�s not enough to wait for opportunities. You have to anticipate them. Even create them, where they didn�t exist before. That�s our strength. Shaking new possibilities from the tree before anyone else. And turning them into real advantages for our clients.

When you choose a public relations agency, especially a new name on the block, it�s only natural you want to know what your money�s buying.

With TLC, it�s buying proven skills from senior partners who can deliver real results. Of course, that�s just what you�d expect us to say.

So here, with more objective proof, are comments from some of our clients and media colleagues both past and present:

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  • Per Hour : £120
  • Day Rate : £650
  • size : 2 Members
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