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There is no cash alternative prize.

The prize is non transferable, and will last for a period of 60 days, after which if not claimed will be re-issued

For every 100 confirmed enquiries through Marketing Quotes, Marketing Quotes will contribute £250 towards the marketing project of the winning 100th enquiry as long as the project is placed with a Marketing Quotes agency that is following up on the enquiry.

The payment will be made to the marketing agency, who will deduct the £250 from the final bill once the invoice is generated. There is no requirement to mention the £250 to the supplier in advance , thus ensuring complete transparency that the £250 is indeed an award and not built in to the quote.

The £250 will be a one off payment rather than an ongoing payment.

If the winning client (that places the 100th confirmed enquiry) does not place work with a Marketing Quotes agency. then £250 will not be paid to the agency.

The £250 will be inclusive of VAT at current VAT rates.

All correspondence should be sent to [email protected]

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