SEO For Nurseries

SEO For NurseriesCould Your Nursery Website Use Search Engine Optimisation Support?

With so many nurseries in the UK, SEO for nurseries is very important.  

Since most parents will use the internet to find a nursery, being found on page 1 is essential.

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Do Nursery Websites Need Optimisation?

Search engine optimisation is all about websites appearing naturally on search engines rather than through the paid advertising route (PPC).  

Most people trust the natural search results over the paid adverts, therefore when parents are searching for a local nursery then they will stay once they find you.  

For this reason, SEO for nurseries is very important.  Being linked with the nursery association will help your website optimisation.

What Is Involved With SEO For Nurseries

Search engine optimisation is all about convincing search engines that the website is relevant to the search results.

 If someone types in ‘children’s nurseries in …..’ then they will get millions of results, ranging from the most relevant websites, down to lesser relevant.

The idea is that your nursery appears on page 1 (the closer to the top the better).  

The way this is done is by doing optimisation work on and off of the website. This is an ongoing process (as your competitors will be doing the same) and involves quite a bit of work.

How Much Does Optimisation Work Cost?

SEO for nurseries is not expensive, but it does depend on the competition.  

If the area you are in has lots of children’s nurseries, then there may be quite a bit of work needed to ensure that your nursery works it’s way to the top of the search results.

SEO prices do vary with all search companies, so we advise shopping around.  

Most SEO companies will charge a small monthly retainer to do link building, press releases and on-site work to ensure search engines keep coming back to the website and indexing it.

Choosing An Optimisation Company

There are thousands of search engine optimisation companies around the UK.  As such it is wise to select one that has experience of doing SEO for nurseries, and knows something about marketing for nurseries.  

If they have done work for nurseries before, this will give them an advantage over any old SEO company that is non industry specific.

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