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Web Development TipsConsider The Following Web Development Tips

We have put together some web development tips to help any company with their websites.  This can be for any WordPress website.

Some useful tips for web developers that are looking help help and additional support in their development rolls:

  1. Use New Up To Date Reset Style Sheets
    Different browsers are free to set default styles for font sizes, margins, and so on. Rather than trying to eliminate these differences on a case-by-case basis, many developers make use of a reset CSS stylesheets to set all the margins to zero, remove all borders, standardize all font sizes, and so forth.
  2. Go Open Source
    Most experts do advise to put in some time on open source projects. This will help you by challanging your skills, educating you and helping develop your portfolio of work. This also allows you to meet other developers and learn from them, soaking in any of their advanced skills and grow your skill base.
    Go to places where other web developers hang out. There are a few places that developers post code and help each other (Gist, Forrst, Codesnip.it) where you can get help and advice, and also showcase work.
  3. Networking – Always Good
    We are not talking breakfast meetings, but there are online forums that are good to go to as developers. These are also good places to meet other developers that can help and support you. Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter are also good places to see and be seen.
  4. Show Off Your Coding
    Why not send your coding into the wild?
    GitHub is a good place to do this, also SourceForge is a useful alternative to showcase your coding.
  5. Browser Development Plug-Ins
    There are a number of develpment plug-in’s for your web browsers that can help to view the ‘unviewable’ parts of your website (such as backgrounds, margins, padding etc.).
    IE’s Development Tool – this is a plugin for internet explorer, quite a basic plugin that you would think was put together by a student after a night out, but there is not other alternative really.
    Firebug – a plug-in for firefox which is invaluable.
    Yslow (Yahoo) – this is a Firebug plugin and helps show why pages are slow.
  6. Learn Javascript
    Most web applications now use Javascript, and it is becoming more important as new products are launched onto the development market.
  7. Learn Photoshop
    Photoshop may be expensive, but it is still a valuable paint application.
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