Why Choose A Google Partner?

Why Choose A Google PartnerWhat is a Google Partner?

A Google Partner is a marketing agency that has passed a Google Ads product certification exam. This is based around the income generating stream that Google (owned by Alphabet) used as it’s primary source of income. This is for Adwords, Video Advertising, Display Advertising and Shopping Advertising

Does Having A Google Partner Badge Give Any Guarantees?

As we move into 2020 thousands upon thousands of marketing agencies are certified with a partner badge. As a customer, I would want some sort of guarantee that a certified agency is going to be better than a non certified agency. That I will get a better ROI from my investment using a certified partner.  That agency might be using freelancers or interns to do the design work under the banner of being certified by Google.

However, this is not actually the case. There are no guarantees when it comes to marketing. You could use a freelance PPC ‘expert’, you could use a ‘top award winning agency’ or you could set up and run Adwords yourself. Chances are you are not really going to see any difference other than your monthly bill.

Frustrations For Advertisers

The main frustration for advertisers is the huge cost of wasted clicks. The number of people that actually click on an advert vs converting into an actual customer is huge.

But why is this the case? Why do so many people click on an advert and choose not to be a customer

  • Just Browsing – many people browse, not having a genuine interest but maybe killing time.
     Click Fraud – this could be a competitor clicking on your adverts, doing research, an automated code using up your advertising budget.
  • Landing Page Conversion – They are interested but the cost put them off. They did not like the design of your page/website. There was a spelling mistake
  • Distracted – Maybe they received a phone call or started to cook dinner taking them away for what they were looking at.

There are many reasons that people do not convert on your adverts, all of which are outside of your control. This is why PPC advertising is so dangerous, because the sheer waste of money cannot be reduced.

Due to the sheer number of digital marketing agencies there are in the UK, they have to stand out in the crowd. Type ‘PPC advertising’ into google and you will get millions of results. Why not choose the agency at the top, surely they are the best? If they have a ‘Google Partner’ badge on their website then surely they are the best?

Wrong. They are at the top because the used SEO to get to the top.

What about using someone that is advertising on Google’s advertising platform themselves? This shows they are not busy and are looking for new customers? Surely this is a bad sign. If they are looking for new customers they are not busy. If they were busy, then they must be good as they are looking after their customers and cannot take on any more?

Wrong. All internet marketing companies are always looking for new customers. The reason is that businesses are not getting the ROI they are looking for. So they look for another marketing agency to improve.

Enter the argument we have. Why choose a marketing agency with a Google Partner badge. Does having a badge bring any guarantee they are better than any of the other 9 agencies that are on the Google search page. Maybe if they have won lots of awards, then they are better?

Wrong. Most marketing agencies win awards for whatever they entreated into. This proves nothing other than they are as good as the hundreds and thousands of other marketing agencies with their awards.

Which Google Partner To Use

We are still in the dilemma; who do you choose? Who is the best? Who can give you the best ROI without you wasting money?

Choosing an SEO expert or Adwords expert is not easy. There is no easy way of finding ‘the best’ because they are all very much the same. They will all lay claim to being the most experienced. They will all have awards to prove they are the best.

They all have a Google Partner badge. They have all been established since the internet was first cooked up. They all charge different prices; is the cheapest the best? Do you get what you pay for (if you pay more, will you get more)?

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