Brilliant Advertising

Brilliant AdvertisingWhat Makes Brilliant Advertising

There have been some truly brilliant advertising campaigns in the past.  A great advert is am advert that captures the mind, one that makes you think or laugh, or feel sad.  Brilliant advertising will be remembered for years.

Engaging with emotion is something that all advertisers are striving to do. But how do you do this, are there any examples of adverts that have done just that?

Choosing The Medium

There are different mediums available, so for each one the advert does need to be tailored:

  • Billboards
  • TV Adverts
  • Magazines
  • Radio

Depending on the type, the advert needs to be crafted in the most appropriate way.  This is why advertising companies charge so much, is because there is a lot of behind the scenes work involved from planning and research to mock adverts.

Brilliant Advertising

Some of the best adverts are the TV adverts, as these are visual and audio – so therefore hitting two of the senses as opposed to just one (like radio, or a magazine).

Some of the adverts that stick in the mind, are the annoying ones, the ones that make you reach for the controller and change channel, mute or leave the room.

A type of business that are producing great adverts are price comparison websites, with catchy tunes, cute meerkats or just plain annoying.

Another great advert was the Borsin advert due to the creativity linked to murder mystery.

The classic advert that sticks in the mind is the Diet Coke advert due to the hunky guy and the blatant use of sex to sell.

Radio adverts do stick in the mind, but not as long; a great radio advert is one that is based with a song or rhyme.

Emotional Approach

Marketing for charities use the emotional approach in order to make their adverts stick out.  By appealing to peoples emotions (whether for cancer, lack of water, lack of food, domestic abuse etc.) charities can use a powerful marketing tool as a pivot to capture the attention.

Most charities use the ‘sad’ emotion, by appealing to the generosity of people to donate.

Hungry Approach

Many food companies use hunger to make their adverts stand out.  By creating great looking photos or TV adverts using food advertisers can sell their food products based on how good a food product looks (making you want to try it to taste it).  McDonalds try to use this in their brilliant advertising.

Choosing The Right Advert Designer

Brilliant advertising can make your product sell like wildfire, or just cost money; choosing the right advert could make all the difference.  This is what we as a creative marketing comparison website want to do.

There are hundreds of advert designers around, some very affordable and some extremely expensive.  Paying more for an advert does not give any guarantee of it being successful, just that the bill will be higher.

Choosing an advert designer has to be based on their industry experience and track record.  If they know your industry, your product and have a track record in your market, then they are probably the ones that can help the most.

It is good to shop around and compare advertising prices; from industry experienced advert designers just fill in the form opposite.

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