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Choose A Local Marketing CompanyWhy Choose A Local Marketing Company?

It is logical to choose a local marketing company where possible.  The importance of local is so often overlooked in today’s global fast tracked society.

However many companies are using ‘local’ as a selling point, keeping the local greengrocer in trade is important, or the local dairy, or the local builder.

UK Society in 2011

The UK has become a very busy place, with a mixture of cultures, religions and people. People that are coming and going, and generally more busy than the people of 50 years ago – always in a rush, always traveling here and there.

Supporting the local economy has become something of a bygone era in many ways.

UK Society In 2020

Since 2011 when this post was first put together, the UK society has changed.  Brexit is nearly done, the UK is uncertain of the future and many companies are being cautious with their marketing.  COVID has shaken the world and caused changed the business landscape forever.

A Local Marketing Company

There are many advantages to working with a local marketing company, not just because you are supporting the local economy, but you are also bringing direct benefits to your business by working with a local marketing agency.

UK Marketing companies are spread far and wide, and now it is popular to look overseas for marketing support.

In working with a local marketing company you can get a personalised service that you just cannot get with working with a marketing company from the other side of the country. Yes we all know that traveling from London to Leeds only takes 2 1/2 hrs – however it is still a trek and when you factor in the trip back, plus the time at the meeting it is a day out of your life (just for an hours meeting).

With a local marketing company you can a loyalty and dedication that you could not get from a cyber relationship.  A local marketing company will give more loyalty as they have to meet with you for review meetings.

The truth is, that so many marketing companies want to work via e-mail as a preference to meeting – as they can squeeze in more customers. Without having meetings, they are removed from the emotion of having to look into your eyes and explain what your hard earned money has bought you. Especially if the marketing is not going according to plan there is the personal factor of explaining that marketing does take time and sometimes do not go according to plan.

As such – pushing for a meeting regularly (even if it is just to catch up and have a cup of tea with the boss) is going to be in your favor. It may not make you the most popular client and you may be an irritation in taking up their time – however if they have to meet with you and explain themselves – they will push to get you the results you need.

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