Convenience Just Got Better

Convenience Just Got BetterLockdown Has Boosted The Business Of The Meal Box Trend

The culture we live in has quickly moved to a culture of convenience, getting meals delivered pre cooked or ready to cook.  

Over the past few years we have seen meal delivery companies like Deliveroo streamline the food delivery culture.  Ready to cook meal companies like Simply Fresh have also seen their customer base grow particularly with lockdown.

Convenience Or Laziness?

Sometimes spending time hunting round the supermarkets for particular ingredients can be frustrating, especially with a face mask.  Getting a particular ingredient for a particular meal might mean buying excess.

Meal delivery companies claim to portion meal ingredients, meaning a balanced meal, portion controlled with minimal food waste.

Is this convenience or laziness?  Food companies have had to re-market themselves to meet the demands of the new normal.

Restaurant Quality Food Delivered To You

One big focus for restaurants during lockdown, when indoor dining was prevented, is food delivery.  Started, mains and deserts were delivered to local residents to try and keep some income coming through.

Some restaurants really took events like valentines day on board to bring the restaurant to the diners at home.

This also boosted business for the popular food delivery companies like Just Eat.

Even Michelin stared restaurants like Heston Blumenthal jumped on board by offering ‘Dinner at home’. 

Many restaurants have adapted their marketing to embrace the food delivery experience.

Food Revolution

Food delivery companies are booming in the post lockdown world, since habits have changed and the process of ordering could not be easier.

Many restaurants are still offering the ‘dine in’ experience in addition to their traditional service since we have entered into a food revolution.

Boom In Vegan Dining

Where did that come from, vegan is the new buzz word, with many restaurants offering vegan options, and some catering exclusively for this new market.

Even the top end michelin restaurants are tapping into this new market of non meat and non dairy options.

There is even a ‘where is the local vegan restaurant’ website called Happy Cow that directs you to the local vegan eatery.

Boom In Fast Food

We have all seen the cars queuing outside McDonalds and KFC, the convenience of fast food is still there as a quick tasty affordable option to keep the children (inside us also) happy.

Delivery firms like Deliveroo also will deliver fast food right to your home, convenience just got easier.

Have Things Got Worse

Looking back over the past 30 years, we went from fast food, to delivered food cooked or non cooked.  Where are we going as a society?

Obesity is a growing issue, even though there is a boom in vegan, vegetarian and the latest diet like the carnivore diet.

True that lockdown has changed the way that we eat as a society, but what does the new normal have in store going forward is anyones guess.

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