Marketing For Food Companies

Marketing For Food Companies

Would Your Food Business Benefit From Marketing Support?

Marketing for food companies is essential in the fast moving FMCG market.  

From leading food brands like Kraft, Birds Eye and Findus down to the supermarket brands like Morrisons and Tescos.  

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Why You Need Marketing

Food is something that will always sell, no matter how hard up people are, what the state of the recession is or how world economics is going, people need food.  

The food industry is super competitive.  Some food brands sell on price (such as the supermarket ‘saver’ ranges) and some on quality.

All food companies need to use marketing, in order to ensure that your brand is above the rest.

Food events and exhibitions are becoming more popular to attend.  

PR for ready meal companies has grown a lot over the last decade as more shops are selling ready meals.  

PR for ice cream is also popular as UK brands compete with the likes of Ben & Jerry’s.  PR for caterers (private dining and commercial) is also necessary in the UK.

Promotion For Healthy Food

Health food is a big part of food promotion and advertising.  With athletes, gym members, fitness professionals and everything in-between looking to get a healthy balanced diet. 

Marketing for fruit, fiber, protein foods, energy bars are all part and parcel of the industry and need promoted.  Celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver are doing healthy food ranges in supermarkets.

Marketing Of Snack Foods

Snack foods such as burgers, kebabs, crisps, confectionery are all part of the food industry.  The snack food industry is growing quickly as new brands enter the market.  

Marketing for food businesses is very much in snack foods

High End Products

High end products such as caviar, sturgon, beef fillet or any other high end product is a speciality market.  

TV advertising is popular for many food companies as is branding, but you do need a specialist approach.  Marketing for food companies is done to the social groups in society.

Compare Multiple Quotes

We do encourage getting a few quotes and proposals from different agencies, so as to get the right agency with the best sector experience for the best price.  

All marketing companies set their own fees which vary considerably.  We do advise using an agency that has experience in doing marketing for food companies.

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