Digital Advertising Billboards

Digital Advertising BillboardsLook Up And You Will See The Lights Shining

Digital advertising billboards are an effective form of marketing and promotion.  We have all seen the normal billboard adverts in airports, by roads (on the side of someones house) and in the London Underground.

However advertising has taken a step forward with digital advertising.

This can be used for outdoor advertising or indoor, the advantage being that they can fit in more adverts without changing them one by one.

I have noticed these starting to occur more and more in the London underground – as you are going up the escalators they occur every couple of meters and are also at the main stations such as Waterloo and Leicester Square.


Cost – They are cheap to update with new adverts in a rotation (as they are all done via computer rather than some poor chap changing each unit.

ROI – As the adverts rotate every 3 seconds or so, the advertising company can charge more per campaign as they have more advertisers during each day/advertising period rather than just one static advert banner.


Well there are not really all that many to be honest, apart from the setup cost and monitoring, but surely this is cheaper than getting posters printed and paying someone to update each unit whenever a marketing campaign changes.

These units are all very strategically placed, getting millions of views each day per unit even though the views will look and forget, it is about branding and brand exposure. A difficult thing to track branding and brand advertising is all about getting your name and brand ‘out there’ so that people come to recognise you.

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Rather than spending time on search engines looking for advertising agencies to help with digital billboard marketing, let us get you quotes to compare.  We aim to help you find the best agency for the best price

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